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Professional Tips On Transporting A Piano That Most People Might Neglect

Moving a piano requires a lot of effort and planning. It is a complicated process since pianos are heavy and delicate, but it can be made easy if you do it professionally. Small pianos can weigh over 300 pounds while grand pianos weigh over 1000 pounds. Therefore, you require extreme care and efficiency while moving them from one place to another. Here are some guidelines that you can follow to help you with your piano transportation.

  • Understand your piano well

Distinguish between a small piano and a grand piano. The Spinet piano is small, and it is common for most homes. Despite the small size, it can weigh way over 300 pounds. This is because of the engineering of the key mechanisms as well as the hardwood body. However, they are not very tall hence manoeuvring corners, and stairs is not very difficult; however you still need a team effort because of the weight.

  • Plan your moving route

Sometimes you can assume a route without proper planning and you find challenges indoors, small elevators, corners and steep staircases. Make sure that you have a clear transport route and make it known to all the piano movers. Know how to move it from the room, down the stairs if you have any and how it will get into the moving truck.

  • Observe safety

Make sure that you are dressed safely for the job. For safety reasons, you are recommended to have one person per 100 pounds of the piano. Depending on the weight, get the appropriate number of movers. You can have extra crew members to help with clearing the way, as well as helping in case someone gets exhausted. They can also direct others as they load the piano on the dolly as well as on the truck.

  • Prepare the piano

Moving a piano is a bit complicated. You cannot just decide to pick it up and move it. You should prepare it professionally by first strapping a piano dolly on it. Then use padding all around it to prevent scratches. Take care of it while on transit and make sure it reaches the other destination safely. Unload it professionally and place it in a new destination.

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