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4 Incredible Tips to Help You Get High Score When Playing Block Puzzle Game Online

Thanks to the development of technology in the gaming industry, you can now play block puzzle games on your smartphone whenever, wherever. Playing block puzzles online is incredible because it is not only convenient but it comes with a set of rules to help you play the game and enjoy it more.

When playing block games, all you want is to score as high as possible. That should be your ultimate goal.  If you are equipped with certain tips and tricks, you can easily score higher. In this article, we give you tips that can help you score high when playing a block game online. Let’s delve into them.

  • Work your way from the corners

For you to score higher, you need to make sure that you don’t end the game hastily. Therefore, you need to use a good strategy to stay longer in the game. One of the most effective strategies that can help you achieve this is by starting by placing the blocks from the corners. By working your way from the corners, you will have horizontal and vertical options on any given move.

In addition to that, you can fit the blocks tactically to stop you from leaving empty cells in between. This tip will prevent you from filling your grid too fast and ending your game faster because of the lack of space left for the blocks, thereby increasing your potential of reaching a higher score.

  • Focus on vertical or horizontal lines

The whole idea of a block game is not just to fit blocks but also to form horizontal and vertical lines which clear the board. Your main focus should be clearing horizontal and vertical lines. The more you clear the lines, the more you earn points.

  • Try clearing multiple columns and rows

Now that you are aware that clearing lines can increase your points, you should also know that you can earn bonus points by eliminating numerous columns and rows concurrently. Therefore, as you focus on clearing the horizontal and vertical lines, also pay attention to the placement of the blocks so that they can clear multiple lines instantly instead of just single lines, this is a very effective tip to get a high score as quickly as possible.

  • Strategize

Another tip to help you get a high score when playing block games on your smartphone is to strategize how to place the blocks. Don’t just dump them on the grid. Choose cautiously from the given blocks and think about placing them tactically, so that you don’t leave blank cells.

Carelessly placing the blocks on the grid because you are afraid of time running out is not a good idea. So, although you should maintain good speed when placing the blocks, pay attention to how you place the blocks as well. By strategically placing the blocks, you will more likely to clear rows and columns and score more points.

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