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Our Team

We are a small team of hard working, ambitious individuals who have a common vision- to make  World News Mania one of the best news portals. We want to make information transfer quicker and keep our readers updated about whats happening in the field of Business, Finance, Education & Technology. Lets have a look at our team.


Douglas Parker

Our Founder Douglas Parker, is the kind of leader who leads from the front, and from the back as well. His tutelage provides the World News Mania team with the freedom to produce stories that matter to them and their surroundings, and be confident that they will be guided to work wonders in their journalistic abilities. He is an editor at the very core of his profession, and takes immense pride in running World News Mania as a website which paves the way in information dissemination.

John Pounders
Story Creator- Business

John Pounders is our in house writer for the Business section of the blog. His work with the World News Mania team began with induction as an editing professional for the blog overall, and has since taken him down a path of self-discovery. In the process, his interest in business, trade, economy, markets and equity has widened his horizons and catapulted him to a writer status in a short time.

Sylvia Brown
Story Creator- Finance

When questions of finance arise on our team, the go to professional is Sylvia Brown. Her charismatic personality, coupled with her ability to simplify concepts which may be difficult to process by the ordinary mind, render her to be a guiding hand when following stories which discuss financial decisions and monetary policies.

Stacy Canter
Story Creator- Education

Stacy Canter is a great supporter of the education sector in the country and believes in every citizen’s right to a decent public education. Her work mainly consists of covering stories about the education policies in the nation and bringing them to the notice of our readers. She is a holder of a degree in Education.

Matthew Boulware
Story Creator- Technology

Technological advancements and knowhow of gadgets is ever changing, especially today, when every new dawn brings fresh tech to the table, and leaves the old for beaten. Matthew Boulware is a connoisseur of this field and takes pride in writing stories about all things technical. Be it policies that affect tech giants, or conflict in the sector, Matthew covers the triumphant as well as the outdated to write a section that highlights all aspects. He holds a degree in Technology from a renewed University.