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3 Tips On Moving A Grand Piano Safely

Grand pianos are precious musical instruments that help to produce good music. They are durable and very prestigious when taken care of in a good way. The problem comes in if you have to move them from one location to another. Piano moving can be complicated and tiresome if you have no idea on how to move them professionally. Here are some tips that can help you move a grand piano.

  • Get a piano dolly

If you do not want to crack your bones pulling and pushing a grand piano, you will require a four-wheel piano dolly. It will make the process easier for you especially if the piano has a lot of weight. The dolly works easily on straight platforms, and it gets complicated around corners and stairs hence if you need to use the stairs; you will require more than two people to move it. When you are using a dolly, you can use casters at the bottom of the piano. However, make sure that it does not sit for a long time since it can damage the legs.

  • Be gentle with it

To make sure that you do not damage your piano in the moving process, you must treat it with care. If you want to move it in an upright position, you will face challenges while manoeuvring corners and steep descents. You can tip it on one end to manoeuvre corners easily. Do not pull and push it while dragging it across the room this will damage the piano as well as the floor. Lift the piano on one end first and tip it on a piano dolly to move it safely.

  • Protect it while on the move

Make sure that the piano is scratch proof by using padding all around it. You can use professional packing materials, or you can create your padding own using blankets. Make sure that it is confined in one corner of the truck to keep it from bumping on the walls.

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