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Are You Sure You Have The Appropriate Wiring System?

When moving into a building or constructing a home, the wiring system is considered a priority. The wiring system needs to be correctly installed to ensure the safety of everyone in that building.

What are the characteristics of good-quality wires?


The hardness of a wire is its ability to be molded into different shapes or curved. Depending on the use of the wire, its hardness determines its quality in terms of the look of the wire.

The material used to make the wire determines its hardness.


This is the ability of a wire to be spread into sheets.

As you put building wire, you need to consider ductility and malleability as you may be required to bend and spread the wires for them to fit into specific parts of the building.

This property also determines the thickness of the wire.


This refers to the ability of the wire to undergo flattening without breaking. It is always encouraged to carry out tests on wires before purchasing or having them installed.


This property is essential in maintaining the shape of the formed structure. The wires also need rigidity to ensure that they remain in the position they put.


It describes how much stress a wire can take. It would be best to have a wire of high strength since it will be pulled and stretched during installation.


Wires come in different shapes and thicknesses. Depending on the use of the wire, you should choose the most appropriate one.

Those were just some of the characteristics of wires. After picking the wires to be used, they are now supposed to be installed. But before that happens, certain factors need to be put into consideration. The factors include;


There are a lot of factors to consider. This involves the total number of signals, whether digital or archaic and current or voltage.

Wires carrying low-frequency archaic signals need to be shielded, while those carrying high-frequency digital signals need coaxial cables.

It would be best if you used thick wires to carry high voltage. It would help if you also put creeping into consideration as you select the wires. High currents require numerous pins and larger wires are pretty hazardous.


The available space determines the size and weight of wires to be used in a building. You, therefore, require wires that are compatible with the available space and intended design.

Amount of current and voltage.

The amount of circuits in the building will determine the type of wires to be used. The number of circuits will determine the amount of current required in that building.

Once that has been determined, you can then determine the wires’ thickness, length, and hardness. Voltage is directly related to current; hence the wires picked will be able to carry voltage.


Some wires are made from materials that are affected by high temperatures. This means that the wiring system may get faulty quickly.

It would help if you carried out proper research on the temperature of the building and surrounding areas. With this information, it can be easier to select the wires to be used.

During installation, you are encouraged to ensure that the wires are not near sources of heat that may damage. If You cannot avoid it, you should ensure that they are correctly shielded.


This will mostly depend on the brand you decide to buy. You are encouraged to find out all you can about certain brands before using them.

It would be best also to ensure that the raw materials used to make the wires are legitimate and cannot cause any damage in the long run.


Installing a wiring system into a building is quite an excessive activity. However, having it installed in the wrong way could come at a heftier price.

Therefore, you should take your time in conducting research and ascertain that the chosen system meets all your needs.

The planned out budget will also determine the type and size of the electrical system to be installed.

Raw materials used

The primary raw materials used in making the wiring system are of high quality and do not cause any health hazards.

The materials must be readily available to ensure a constant supply such that any time you need spare parts; they are readily available.

Environmental constraints

Some states require all the things used in a building to be friendly to the environment.

Therefore, you should select a wiring system made from materials approved by the environmental authorities of that area.

It would be best if you strived to use eco-friendly products to create a conducive environment for you to carry out your activities.

Apart from the above factors, there are specific electric requirements that wires in a building must meet for them to be approved for use.

These factors determine how appropriate the wires are for specific equipment. They include:

  • Resistance- this ability of a wire to resist the flow of current in a circuit.
  • Propagation velocity is the velocity at which signals, whether digital or analog, travel in a wire or circuit.
  • Capacitance- this is the ability of the wire to store charge. High capacitance can lead to the poor performance of a cable.
  • Impedance-this is the objection to the flow of alternating current in a circuit when the potential difference is applied.
  • Capacity- every electrical wire has a limited value of current that it can carry at a particular time. Use of high current with the wrong wires could lead to the overheating of the appliance or even destruction of the whole system.
  • Inductance- the ability of a wire to induce an electromotive force induced when a change in current occurs.

There are many factors to be considered as you select the wiring system of any building, be it your home, workplace, or recreation area.

Patience is something that you would have to practice as much research is required to be done before settling for just anything.

Preliminary research could lead to you settling for less than you should. There are dire consequences for such a decision.

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