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How to Help Your Child Become a Strong Writer

Writing is a skill that turns out to be a lifelong companion besides reading, irrespective of your profession. Whether you’re working in the field of academics or in any other profession, writing becomes the core of everything.

If writing is so important, then people must do it well isn’t it?

The reality is far from it. It’s observed that people excel in their skills as an engineer or a doctor or a stylist for instance, but very few of them are able to write professionally well. Professional writing doesn’t mean writing books like authors or articles about the English language but writing well about whatever it is you’re writing about.

Letters, e-mails, reports, feedbacks, contracts, everything bases itself on writing. Something that we often tend to miss. But, if this skill is developed within your child from the very inception of their learning, the outcomes of it would be miraculous.

Activities to Share with Your Young Kids

You’re probably wondering how to start with it. A creative writing club during the holidays or engaging English tutors could be quite effective. But what can you do with your child to develop these skills?

  • Writing Names: The first thing that your child learns is to write their names by identifying the letters/alphabets. Help them in identifying these alphabets as they gradually develop through the process.
  • Drawings are Stories: Children don’t draw anything that doesn’t mean something to them. Writing is a way of expressing your feelings and children do it best through their drawings. Encourage them to draw and discuss those with them. It gives them confidence to see your interest towards their work.
  • Creative Book Bindings: Whether they’ve scribbled something or have written a story, an incident, anything that makes sense to them should be valued. As parents, you can combine your child’s work into a creative book that shows them your appreciation, love and support towards their work.
  • Writing Stories: Children have their own world of tales that they often wish to share with you. Take your time and listen to their stories. Ask them to write stories for you and help them get their statements correct. This way, they would easily get acquainted with grammar and also develop an interest towards writing.
  • Word Games: Use your available technology appropriately. There are plenty of word game apps that help your child and also you to strengthen vocabulary, spellings and knowledge about usage of words.

Day-to-day Activities

Help them to incorporate a few day-to-day writing activities that would enhance their skill and encourage their enthusiasm in writing.

  • Note-taking: It’s a great way to learn academic chapters as well as enhance your child’s writing skills.
  • Journals: If you help your child grow a habit of keeping a journal where he/she can write about the things that they feel like writing about would aid them in enhancing their writing skill to a great extent.
  • Family Message Boards: This is another way that is quite creative as well to pass on written messages between the members of the family.
  • Be a role model: Last but not the list, ensure that you become an idol for your child.
  • Free Exam Papers: You can also download free exam papers for your child to practise on before any composition test.

In a nutshell, your support and encouragement in the process of your child’s learning is their inspiration to develop their writing skills. Singapore Tuition Agency will provide you with reliable and quality tutors to assist your child in their learning journey to be a good writer.

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