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The Five Things You Need to Keep Your Home Easily Organised

The secret to keeping your home clean, tidy and pleasant to spend time in is to keep it organised. The more organised your home is, and the easier it is to keep organised, the less likely you will be to let papers pile up, to let clothes find their way onto the floor, or to let your home generally start to get on top of you rather than being the comforting safe-haven that it’s meant to be.

But keeping your home organised isn’t always easy – and especially when you have a lot of other things to do and life is generally getting on top of you.

That’s why you need to introduce systems. These should be systems that enable your home to almost take care of itself, so that you can concern yourself with other things. These should make your home so easy to maintain order in that it almost seems to take care of itself while you get to just relax and reap the benefits.

To demonstrate then, let’s look at the simple things you need to make your home organised and systematically self-tidying.

Paper Tray

A paper tray with multiple tiers essentially allows you to easily throw your documents into a pile that won’t create an eyesore and that you can look through later. With the best will in the world, staying on top of all the post we get sent is hard work and too time consuming to do easily. Banks and other institutions it seems are determined to mail us things with our personal details that can’t just be thrown out and when funds are low we all have a habit of avoiding our statements. Make this problem go away by assigning somewhere simple to keep those papers until you can summon the courage to go through them.

Clothes Basket

A clothes basket is another simple purchase that will greatly reduce one of the biggest sources of untidiness in your home. With one simple purchase you’ll no longer have to worry about clothes building up into piles on your floor.

But wait – there is still one problem! That’s worn clothes that are not yet ready for washing. So make sure that your laundry basket has a secondary compartment for these awkward in-between items and you’ll be good to go.


If you’re still holding out against a dishwasher then hold out no more! These may be a little high on energy consumption but they more than make up for it in the energy they save you. Not only will you not have to stand washing up plates and cups for hours on end any more, but now you’ll also have somewhere you can easily store your crockery in the meantime. Make sure there’s space in your  for one of these!

Coin Jar

Another surprising culprit when it comes to a cluttered and disorganised house is your coin jar. If you are prone to scattering lose change onto your work surfaces then a coin jar offers a great place to keep that money that won’t be an eyesore and won’t get in the way. Plus you’ll have a lot of money to count up when you empty it out!

Spare Room

A spare room is incredibly useful as a place to dump the things you don’t have space for elsewhere. A perfect example is that clothes horse that is constantly taking up space in your living room, another example is any boxes that you (still) haven’t emptied from when you moved in.

Better yet, you can turn a spare room like this into a place where you engage in any other activity you know is likely to create mess or clutter. This way you can condemn one room to untidiness but save all the others in the process!

Honorable Mention

Finally, honorable mention must go to all those gadgets and gizmos that are designed to save you extra time. The best of these include robotic vacuum cleaners, waste disposal units and steamers.

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