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2Fabulous Ways To Clean Your Gold Jewellery

Although it is true that gold will not tarnish in the same way that silver does, it can get dull over a period of time, especially when not being used. Dirt and grime can also collect when gold jewellery is worn frequently, and this is a real shame. If you can cast your mind back to when you first clapped eyes on that gorgeous piece of jewellery, so why not roll back the years and treat yourself and your gold to some real deep cleaning that adds both value and visual satisfaction to the whole occasion? We have found 2 really cool ways to do exactly that and none of these will require too much time or effort on your part. Just lay your hands on a few household tools and ingredients and we’ll get this show on the road!

Using Dish Soap

Okay, the first method we are looking at may seem a little simple, after all, how good can basic dish soap be at cleaning one of the world’s most valuable substances? Well, pretty darn good actually! Start off by adding a few drops of the good stuff to a bowl of warm tap water, or if you are feeling adventurous, heat up some club soda. Because the carbonation in this liquid actually loosens any accumulated muck and grime that usually loves to rest on our poor gold. Simply drop your gold item into the solution and leave it for around 15 minutes or so. This will allow the soapy water to get right into any imperfections and start working the dirt loose. Once this has passed, use an old soft bristled toothbrush and work it into the nooks and crannies mentioned previously. Then all you need to do is hold the jewellery under a tap and run some warm water over it. Leave it to air dry, and your gold will look better than it has done for years!


Ammonia is a powerful substance and it can be harmful to your gold if used too frequently, but if you are looking for a deep clean, then nothing works better! Avoid using this if your gold has any platinum or pearls because they just will not get on very well. Okay, add one part of ammonia to six parts of water and stir nice and slowly. Drop your gold into the bowl or cup and leave it there for exactly one minute, any longer could prove harmful to your precious jewellery. Then remove the gold and rinse it thoroughly under some cool running water. If you have several items, why not use a strainer to rinse them all at the same time? Just remember that this method only works with solid gold items, if you are looking into cleaning your gold plated bracelets, use something less caustic or otherwise the consequences are not going to make you very happy.

Ready To Clean?

So there you have it, we’ve offered you 2 cheap and effective ways to keep that gold looking fabulous for years to come!

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