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4 Types Of Traffic Tickets You Should Be Aware Of

Drivers on the road should all be aware of the different kinds of traffic tickets that exist. This is useful as it teaches them what to do and what not to do when driving! Tickets can range from the category of speeding to reckless driving and to driving without a driver’s license. Here are the 4 types of traffic tickers any driver should be aware of!

A speeding ticket

One of the most common types of tickets issued, many drivers are indeed guilty of speeding. A driver may be caught by a warden if he or she drives at speeds that are higher than what is stated by the rules and regulations. Speeding on roads is dangerous and endangers the safety of the driver, the passengers and other passengers on the road.

Ticket due to distracted driving

A warden may also issue a ticket to a driver if he is found to be distracted during driving. The driver may be found to be using his or her phone, or through any means which a device distracts the driver from driving with full attention to the road.

Ticket due to reckless driving

Reckless driving is the cause of many accidents. Reckless driving includes, but is not limited to, making dangerous turns, making sharp turns without warning, making illegal turns and switching lanes without signaling. A traffic office may lodge a ticket against a driver if he or she drives recklessly.

Driving without a driver’s license

It is illegal to drive without a driver’s license and the driver may be penalized and fined for it. This is because the driver has no way of proving that he or she is qualified to drive, and may be a hazard to themselves, the passengers and others around them. A traffic warden will certainly issue more than just a ticket to the driver who doesn’t have a driver’s license.

If you feel that you were wrongly accused of reckless driving, driving while being distracted or any other forms of mistaken penalizations, you can certainly fight traffic tickets and prove your innocence with the help from certain firms that provide such a service.

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