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How To Contest A Traffic Ticket That You Feel You Don’t Deserve

It is indeed unfortunate to have traffic tickets lodged against you by a traffic warden. The driver is usually at fault. For example, the driver may be speeding beyond the allowed speed limit or may be driving dangerously. In this case, if the traffic warden has definitive proof of the driver’s action, the driver should pay the fine as the driver is guilty of his wrongdoings. However, if the driver is wrongly accused and is handed a ticket, the driver should contest against it. Here are 3 steps you can use to contest a traffic ticket if you are an individual who has been misunderstood or may be possibly maligned!

Question the officer’s observations and conclusions

A traffic police officer may drive on the road and look out for any driver who is speeding or driving dangerously. If you are driving below the speed limit and happen to be driving safely but an officer hands you a ticket, you have every right to contest it. You can use several factors to your advantage, such as a busy road that is filled with cars. You can claim that the warden may have made a mistake by identifying the wrong car as his vision may be obstructed.

Use lapses on the road to your advantage

A driver who has been wrongly handed a ticket can use lapses on the road to his advantage. For instance, a driver can argue that the speed limit sign on the road was faded and thus the driver was unaware that he or she was speeding beyond the allowed speed limit.

Use statements of witnesses

If you were following traffic and road rules, you have nothing to fear. You may use the statements of your passengers or bystanders to your advantage. If your actions were recorded by a traffic camera, you can request for the warden to view the footage too. It is common that traffic wardens make human errors and therefore leveraging on camera evidence will help to prove your innocence if you were wrongly accused of driving dangerously.

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