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How To Design A Luxurious Bath – Even For Small Spaces!

A luxury bath for your dream home is a no-brainer. Modern bathrooms now come with amazing spa-like features to ensure maximum comfort. However, most apartment and condominium owners fret the mall spaces as the reason for not being able to accommodate the best in bath amenities. In fact, now more brands are coming up with customized features that are specifically designed for small bath spaces. Bath design ideas can now be well applied to your home regardless of your space constraints. Here are a few clever tips to help you get started on the project.

Start by seeking professional help

Professional will have a better handle on what are the trendiest and most available features that can turn your bath in to a luxury haven. They will also have the necessary training and keen eye for measurements that will help them customize design ideas better suited for your bath space. Moreover, you would not have to go over budget trying to rectify any mistakes you make, if you bring in professionals from the very beginning of the project.

Strategy discussion for your bath space

A wealth of design ideas can be applied to any bath space, however, each space and shape of the room is different. As a result, you must discuss the best possible space stretching strategies with your designer before they are implemented for your bathroom. You are the best judge of which features can be compromised and what are absolute must for your home. You can use pocket doors instead of hinged to create more space. Clear glass shower stalls and extra large mirrors are also some ways of stretching the available space and making it appear larger.


Storage is trickier to plan for a small bath but there are ways to accommodate that. You can use cabinets built into deep recesses within your bath wall. You can also arrange for makeshift storage with organizers and toiletry cabinet placed in a niche outside the bath space.

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