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How Do You Help In Saving Energy At Home?

Congratulations for owning a home! You no longer have to pay rent and you can enjoy your very own piece or property. In fact, you should be happy because you can now see the results of saving money for that long. But, there are things you need to have a check on to prevent spending lots of bucks for your monthly bills. One of the things is energy consumption. You should note that energy bills may constitute to over 50% of your monthly expenses. Below are tips to help you cut on energy usage:

Draught excluder

Some homes do lose lots of heat through draughts around windows and doors, gaps around the floor and a whole host of little holes around the house. You should buy draught proofing products for the windows, doors and seal your skirting boards with silicone sealant.

Turn it off

Don’t leave lights on and appliances on standby when not in use. This only adds up to unnecessary monthly bills. Your computer, photocopier, TV and any other electronic appliance should never be left on when not in use.


You may want to install high performance windows, window film or screen to protect wood, artwork and upholstery from sun’s UV rays while saving energy. Solar window screens and other qualified window films or window shades can be a good investment as they help in eliminating “hot spots”. Most windows come with double glazing and selective coatings that help to reduce heat gain and also avoid cranking up your AC.


It is not a must for you to wash your clothes in hot water. In fact, you should cultivate a habit of washing your clothes in cold water because this can help you save about 63% of the energy cost a year. And if it is a must for you to use the washing machine, make sure that it is set to wash at 300 C.

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