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Here Are 4 Tips To Help You Prevent Break-Ins!

It is not proper for you to leave items lying around in plain sight from the road because this can unwittingly lure burglars onto your property. If you have a scooter that someone could easily walk away with, roll it into your garage instead of leaving it in your yard. When you buy a new appliance, don’t leave the box out, it may tell thieves you have something that can fetch decent dollars. To know if you are showing off too much to passersby, open up your blinds or curtain and stroll around your house to see if there is anything visible. Below are tips to help you prevent burglary:

Fake an illusion

Burglars won’t try to break into your house if you create an illusion that someone is still there. So, when you leave the house, make sure to leave the light on for the same reason. Compact fluorescent bulbs are a better option because they last longer and are good for the environment.

Invest in good window treatments

Apart from helping in regulating temperatures inside your house, window films, curtains or shades can also act as a way to curb thieves from breaking into your home. Just like you don’t want to leave your scooter lying in the yard, use curtains and blinds to prevent people from seeing through your windows.

Secure sliding doors and windows

Even when locked, someone can easily pop older sliding doors off of their frame, so invest in newer ones and take extra precaution to secure your doors to make it hard for thieves to break the door. Lock your windows when leaving your home and install simple pin into the frame to stop your windows from raising more than a few inches.

Secure your yard

Overgrown trees and tall shrubs are good hiding places for thieves to wait until it is clear to get into your house. Keep them manicured to remove additional covering for thieves in case they attempt to break in through one.

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