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The Characteristics That Mark A High Quality Guard Dog

If you are ever interested in getting K9 services, one of the things that must have gone through your mind is how to make sure that you get your money’s worth. Security is an important issue, so there is no room for errors when it comes to this. In order to ensure that you get the best dog security, you might need to understand the various variables that determine whether or not a dog will be able to provide quality security. Some of these include:

The species of the dog

There are some dog species that are very good at providing high quality security. This is due to their inherent characteristics such as their size, speed and temperament. Ideally, a guard dog should be large enough to subdue a man as well as fast enough to go after them if need be.

The dog’s temperament

Dogs of the same species have more or less the same type of temperament. An ideal guard dog is one which is able to obey commands, so you would need to pick one that has this characteristic if you are to train it to be a guard dog. The ability to obey commands makes them indispensable in as far as security is concerned. For instance, if you command the dog to go after an assailant, it should do so without hesitation.

The quality of training

Even if you get the right species of dog with the right temperament, it’s still liable to becoming a poor security dog if the training it receives is not right. Dogs that are meant to provide this service need to be trained by people who have an intimate understanding of how dogs behave. The training should also be customized to individual dogs in order for it to have a better effect. This will always result in a very reliable security dog.

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