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How to Convince Your Partner to Get a Dog

When you and your partner disagree on something, you can usually find a compromise. But what if you desperately want a furry family member and your partner doesn’t? Convincing him or her might be easier than you think. Here’s what you can do if you’re fighting for a new dog.

Highlight the benefits of having a pet together.

Your loved one might not realize just how much joy you’ll receive from having a dog. Explain all the benefits in detail to him or her. Is your partner suffering from a vaping injury? Cuddling with dogs helps release oxytocin and lower cortisol, which makes you feel happier and less stressed. Nothing to worry about when you have a pooch to pet. Owning a dog also helps you stay active. You can take your pet for walks or hikes and get outside. Plus, you have a great excuse for when you don’t feel like getting drinks with your coworkers after a long day. Make a list of all the benefits and see what your partner says.

Be realistic about the costs.

Of course, your partner might just say that a dog is too expensive. You can’t ignore the fact that owning a pet will cost you a large amount of money, from vet bills to pet supplies. You’ll need to convince your loved one that a dog is an expense you can afford. Make a spreadsheet of all the costs associated with a dog, and then make a plan for how you will lower these costs. Vet visits and emergency care can be expensive, so compare pet insurance with iSelect. Having a pet insurance policy will help you provide for your dog’s medical needs while avoiding enormous bills. Do your research and try to find the best pet insurance plan so you can show your partner that you’re able to cut costs.

Expose your partner to lovable dogs.

Just being around other dogs might be enough to convince your partner to change his or her mind. Maybe he was bitten by a dog when he was younger and now he’s afraid. Show him that there are plenty of lovable dogs and slowly ease his fears. You can also provide your partner with information to help. It’s extremely unlikely that he or she will die from a dog bite, and only 1.8% of dog bites result in hospitalization. Even breeds that he or she might associate with aggression, like the pit bull, have been shown to be lovable and calm. Educating your loved one and exposing him or her to how cuddly and cute dogs can be will help get him or her on your side.

Have solutions for every problem.

Your partner definitely has reasons why he or she doesn’t want a dog. While you’re trying to convince him of the benefits, he will come back with every problem he predicts occurring. Before you start to have this conversation, make a list of every problem you think your partner will mention and have a solution for each. If she thinks a dog is too expensive, show her the cost breakdown you’ve made. If he thinks the house will be a disaster, explain that you’re ready to clean up after the dog or willing to hire a professional residential pet waste removal company to do the job for you. If he’s concerned that neither of you will have the time to care for a dog, provide a list of local dog walkers or explain that you’ve already asked your parents to let a dog out while you’re both at work. If you have a solution for every problem, your partner can’t possibly say no.

A dog will bring you and your loved one immense joy. Spend some time researching and making a plan for convincing your partner that a dog is what you need. He or she won’t regret it.

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