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How The CDL License Can Land You Your Dream Job

As a newly or rather freshly minted CDL holder, your first order of business is of course to broaden your career prospects. If by one reason or another you went through the CDL course by footing down for the expenses and training, then you won’t the luxury of a guaranteed job after you are done with the test. On the brighter side however, you won’t have limits and restrictions on where you would want to work or who you can apply with.  But even before then, just how do you ensure that you get that job you have always dreamt of with your CDL?

Have a resume

You may have that CDL license alright. But remember you still don’t have your trucking experience to highlight.  You only have work history and other basic skills to highlight. You even have your work history. Highlight all these in your resume just to hint to your prospective boss that you can be an asset to his or her company.

Complete applications

How else will your employer know that you can also take on a forklift if you do not highlight it your paper application that you undertook truck training courses? This seems like a obvious strategy but truth be told, most job applicants miss out on opportunities by skipping the dotted  lines in applications.  Do that to save time but rest assured that the hiring staff or recruiter will toss out your entire application without a second thought. Are there boxes that need to be checked? Check them. This is particularly important if crucial information is missing such as SSN, date of birth and contact information.

Basic questions

How well are your prepared for your basic questions?  Typically, expect to be bombarded with questions such as why the company should consider hiring you. That is a good time to bring in those courses, skills and experiences that acknowledge you have what it takes to drive their rigs and other heavy duty machinery.

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