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How To Make It Through The CDL Test

It is common knowledge that one cannot drive a rig with the normal driving license. One must first obtain a Commercial Driver’s License, commonly referred to as a CDL.  But unlike what many people know, obtaining a CDL is not a matter of just applying for the test and taking it.

Test requirements

There are requirements which the test applicant has to meet, before he or she can be considered for the test. These requirements differ from one state to another. There are however, some requirements that are the same in all states.  For instance, you must be at least 18 years old so as to apply. If for some reason you want to drive interstate, you must be at least 21 years old. You must also own a valid driver’s license.


Once certified as eligible for the test, one still has to take and pass another test commonly referred to as CDIP. In other words, a Commercial Driver Instruction Permit. The test involves no driving at all, so you shouldn’t really be worried if you suspect that your driving skills are wanting. The test is written, more or less like the one people sit for in truck courses.

CDL manual

Take time to study your CDL manual. It is the best way to prepare for the exam. You may not know it but all CDL test questions are often culled from topics that are covered in the manual. There are no questions designed to trick you.  If anything, you will be asked what you already know on your manual test. Expect things such as vehicle inspection, driving at night, braking, skid control, rail road crossing, identifying and avoiding hazards.

Your ultimate savior

Do not at any point forget that you will still have to take a practical test.  Your state’s DMV may or may not offer practice tests on their webpage or on the back of the CDL manual, so it is advisable to always check such recourses. That is by far the best way to adequately prepare for the test.

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