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Find Profiles By Mobile Number

Can You Find Profiles by Mobile Number?

Yes, you can.

Many people are aware of the major search engine, used by billions worldwide, can track you by your login details which use your cell number. And if they can track you, they can find your profiles as well.

There are ways of limiting this tracking but that is a different and long story.

This well-known search engine, no matter how much you delete your search history, uses exactly that history which never deletes from there side to track everything about you and is known as the deep pool of data, which makes this search engine more of a tracking device than anything else.

And even if you use another search engine, 75% of websites are linked in some way or other to this major search engine and they slurp up your browsing history and store this data in their dark pool for their purposes.

So through your browsing history, you can be tracked not only to what you buy or sell but what you research but most importantly whose profiles you visit, and then they now have access to those profiles including yours!

What most people do not know is that this search engine uses another from tracking you which you are unaware of. ADS. Yes, those annoying ads that pop up and follow you wherever you go no matter what search engine you use, they find you and that is how they track you which once again proves they are more than a search engine they are a tracking system.

They even track you by the videos your search and watch on the most famous video search engine (YT), if you can make out the abbreviation. And why because they own it.

So using any search engine gives this major search engine access to you and your profile, especially since you mostly log on using your android or smart fone and cellphone number and from there not only just track you and your profile but anyone else you are linked to or visit and research for personal purposes.

Though this is an invasion of privacy, I guess the dark space of the web doesn’t consider anything to be private and will use what it wants to get what it wants.

So the next time you want privacy or research something that you want to keep secret use an internet cafe!

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