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Going Social: How to Best Announce Your Engagement Online

Getting engaged is one of the most exciting times in your life, because it starts a brand new chapter in your long and beautiful relationship journey. Whether the engagement was a surprise or something the two of you had planned for a while, one of the most fun experiences is getting to share your big news with friends and family. It would be difficult to reach everyone individually before your engagement leaked, so why not let everyone know by announcing it online through a social media platform?

Here are a few ideas on how to make the best online engagement announcement possible.

Share the star of the show

The first thing everyone wants to know when an engagement is announced is what the ring looks like. Make sure one of the first pictures you post is a close up of the bling. For a stunning picture that will have all of your friends selecting the “love” icon on Facebook, shop for lab-created diamond engagement rings before the proposal.

Lab-created diamond rings come in all the same cuts, carats, colors, and clarity as earth mined diamonds. In fact, there are no physical differences at all. For a ring with an impressive carat and clarity, lab-created is superior, because you won’t have to pay nearly as much money for great quality. When you pay for earth-mined diamonds, you’re paying for the cost of labor as well as “middlemen” who are selling to your jewelers. Why pay extra for a less impressive diamond? Make sure when you take your ring picture; the diamond captures the light just right. Your mother will be gushing and sharing it with all of her friends.

Separate session

The moment of the engagement shouldn’t be all about social media, it’s about your love and devotion. Plan a separate session for engagement photos to formally announce your engagement. That way if your engagement was a surprise, you can make sure in your photos that you and your partner look exactly how you want. A pajama proposal is cute, but maybe not what you want to share with all of your acquaintances. For your photo session, make sure you’re wearing nice, comfortable clothes that perfectly fit your frame and build. If you’re small in stature, consider looking for petite clothes that will hit you lengthwise in all the right places. You may want to wear solid colors, or at least avoid bold clothing patterns, so that nothing distracts from your smiling faces and beautiful engagement ring.

Trim that video

Everyone wants to see the actual proposal if it’s been recorded on a camera or GoPro. That being said, the moments leading up to the big event aren’t always the most interesting. In order to boost your viewership of the actual proposal, make sure you trim your video. Cut to the moments right before your partner gets down on one knee or the short speech leading up to everything. It’s not that difficult to do and will give you a more streamlined video that’s full of the parts everyone is interested in witnessing.

Wait until the time is just right

If you want everyone to see your post without spending money to boost it on Facebook, like an influencer, make sure you wait until a time to post when a lot of people will be on social media. After dinnertime is a great period to post because everyone is winding down for the day and checking back in with their online community. The more people like and comment, the more likely everyone will actually see the post according to the online algorithm. Make sure you’ve announced your engagement to all of the important people in your life through text and phone calls first. Your mom will not want to find out about your engagement after all of your friends have already liked your engagement post.

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