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Logistics Services Offered by Napag Trading

Here in Napag our goal is to provide a solution to a problem before it comes up, which is why we provide the logistics services our customers require.

We know the importance of logistic services as it helps in providing a cost-effective and efficient service, which can give us an edge over the competitive market.

Business Logistics

In Napag, we provide business logistic, which is a different list of functions or activities, some of which include:

  • Customer service
  • Demand forecasting
  • Documentation flow
  • Interplant movements
  • Inventory management
  • Order processing
  • Packaging
  • Parts and service support
  • Plant and warehouse site selection
  • Production scheduling
  • Purchasing
  • Returned products
  • Salvage scrap disposal
  • Traffic management
  • Warehouse and distribution center management

These functions or activities must be executed with complete coordination with one another. Saving a large amount on one element and saving costs on another is often done by the logistics manager. An excellent example of this when we deliver products through the air, it’s expensive but cost-effective at the same time as less money can be used for packaging as airlines are more careful with the products than other competitors. The goods will be delivered quickly as well, which means quick payment.

Customer service

Napag focuses on customer services to keep our existing customers pleased. An example of this would be when a customer encounters a problem with the software; he can contact the computer software manufacturers. Another example of this would be when we train new users and provide servicing of the equipment. User-friendly is the term which we often use as we want to keep a reputation of being easy to deal with.


When we talk about inventories, we refer to the stocking of materials or goods. Inventories are often located at places where there is a change in the unit of movement or the rate. Products divided into many different classes are held in the firm’s inventory.

These include:

  • Company supplies
  • Finished goods
  • Packaging materials
  • Labels
  • Promotional materials
  • Raw materials and components,
  • Resale products

International products will require additional inventory classifications which include:

  • The country of origin
  • Import duties or charges which sometimes vary by country of origin
  • Countries where goods can be sold with their language on packaging


Packaging has two primary roles, to protect the product and promote it. The promotional effort must be able to attract the customer enough so that the product gets bought whenever a customer passes by it. The protection side of the packaging helps in protecting the product and sometimes also to prevent damage to the products right beside them. The packages of retail products should be tamper-proof so that the customers can have assured that their products have not been tampered with. Materials are also picked in terms of how they can be beneficial to the environment, as containers that can be recycled are made from recycled materials, which is quite popular in demand.

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