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5 Exciting Gadgets Young Guys Can Use To Furnish Their Small Studio Apartment

If you’re a young guy living in a small studio apartment you probably won’t be looking for the same furniture families would be after. You’ll want stuff that is modern and exciting, so we’re going to look at a few gadgets you can buy to furnish your home.

3-in-1 Breakfast Station

If you want an easy way to whip up your breakfast in the morning you don’t want to mess around with lots of kitchen gadgets, so stick to one and choose this 3-in-1 breakfast station. It will obviously brew your coffee because you can’t leave home without it, but you’ll also be able to toast your bagels and fry your bacon at the same time. Since you’re only living in a small apartment it will save you a lot of space and you’ll still get to enjoy a tasty breakfast every day.


Put your hands up if you’re the type of person who hits snooze a dozen times before getting out of bed in the morning? If you’re one of those people with your hand in the air you might not have time to cook bacon and enjoy coffee, but don’t worry because there is an alternative. Just throw all your fruit and veg into the Nutribullet and it will blend everything together so you’re left with a smooth drink you can enjoy as you’re running out of the house to get to work on time.

Toilet Seat Pedal

Maybe you just leave the toilet seat up all the time, but if you have a girlfriend I’m sure that isn’t the case. Lifting the lid up every time you need to go to the bathroom isn’t exactly a difficult task, but since you love gadgets and you want your life to be as easy as possible you should get a toilet seat pedal. You just need to stand on it when you go to the bathroom and the toilet seat will automatically lift up, plus it will fall back down when you’re finished so you won’t get shouted at.

LED Shower Head

Jumping in the shower after a hard day at the office is great because it gives you a chance to wash the stress away, but now there is a way to make your showers even more interesting. If you install an LED shower head lots of amazing multicolored lights will burst out when you turn the water on and the colors will also constantly change. Even though it might be a simple gadget it’s still worth installing because it’s a cool novelty item that can brighten up your day.


Hopefully you’re working because in order to buy this you’ll need a little money in your bank account, but if you still love arcade games you’ll never find a better gadget than the ARKEG. You can climb out of your queen size bed when you want to play an arcade game and luckily for you there is a keg built into the machine you can top up with your favorite drink. It’s a great piece of kit to have in your apartment and it gives you a great excuse to drink when you’re on your own.

Author Bio: Warren Brown is a freelance blogger and an ace creative write with many years of experience writing for top blogs. Warren has written on a myriad of topics and has written several posts for us.

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