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Top 3 Categories Of Volvo Trucks

There are a wide variety of Volvo trucks and they are a common sight on the streets. Volvo trucks come in a variety of sizes and possess different capabilities and features. There are three main classifications for trucks and they are light trucks, medium trucks and heavy trucks. Read on to know about these different categories of trucks!

Light trucks

Minivans, vans, pickup trucks, panel trucks and sports utility vehicles fall under this category. Light trucks are a United States classification for trucks or truck based vehicles, and they are categorized by their Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR). Light trucks are mainly designed to transport people and are usually able to hold 8-12 people at a time. Light trucks are also known as light commercial vehicles in other countries and the back of the truck may be fully enclosed or opened.

Medium trucks

Medium trucks include, but are not limited to box trucks, vans, platform trucks, fire trucks and motorhomes. These trucks mainly transport cargo or goods and the back of the trucks are usually fully enclosed but some may be open-spaced. Class 4 trucks have a combined weight of up to 16,000 pounds while class 5 trucks weight up to 19,500 pounds. Last but not least, class 6 trucks weigh up to 26,000 pounds. Medium trucks are another category of trucks that are also commonly found on the road.

Heavy trucks

Heavy Volvo trucks are not as commonly seen as light and medium trucks but they do appear on the road occasionally! Heavy trucks include, but are not limited to, concrete transport trucks, dump trucks, garbage trucks, log carrier and semi-trailer trucks. These trucks, as their name suggests, carry heavy cargo or matter such as concrete, garbage, logs and metal sheets. They are considered heavy duty and move slowly on the road. Heavy duty trucks fall into 2 classes which are class 7 and class 8. Class 7 trucks have a combined weight of 33,000 pounds while class 8 trucks weigh beyond that.

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