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Top 5 Factors Affecting Charter Bus Rental Prices

There are a number of factors that can affect the prices of charter bus rentals. These factors determine the amount of money to pay when renting a charter bus. Here are some of these factors in a summary.

  • Fuel price

This is one of the main factors to think about before renting a charter bus for whichever your purpose. Fuel prices fluctuate once in while and bus rental rates get affected by all these changes. Rental bus service owners change the renting prices to reflect the changing fuel rates. Due to the ever changing fuel rates, large capacity charter buses may be quite expensive to rent than the smaller types. Apart from this, they are more expensive to manufacture, have more features and basically have higher fuel costs.

  • Taxes

Taxes affect the price of renting a charter bus either positively or negatively. These however are changed depending on where the bus departs from. In certain regions, charter buses have special or higher taxes than standard buses and minibuses.

  • Insurance

All charter bus service providers are required by law to have proper insurance. Insurance rates change over time, meaning that companies that offer rental bus services are forced to also increase the prices of renting their buses in order to reflect the said changes.

  • Distance that the bus must travel

The prices for renting charter buses is often based on the number of kilometers or miles travelled by the bus or on the number of hours it takes to travel to the wished for destination. The main reason for basing these calculations on the distance travelled or the number of hours it takes to travel to the desired destination is that two drivers might be used for the trip.

  • Type of desired charter bus

The cost of renting a luxury bus is generally greater than for chartering a standard bus and for a good reason. Luxury buses come with all sorts of amenities for passenger comfort and that are not found in non-luxury buses. This and other included features significantly increase the cost of their maintenance and thus the high renting prices.

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