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Product Keys: What are they and Why they are Important

Product keys are unique, alphanumeric codes of any length required for installing a lot of software programs. Software developers use them for making sure every software copy is legally bought. The majority of software, including operating systems and programs, requires these keys.

Apart from product keys, software developers like Microsoft usually require product activation to help in making sure the software is acquired legally. Often, product keys are not required for open source or free software programs unless the manufacturer implements its use for statistics.

Using Product Keys

Product keys are provided upon purchase of software and can only be used with the specific application. The program will only open past the product key page if there is a product key. The key can usually be used by one program installation; however, some product key servers permit the use of the same key by any number of users. But, the keys should not be simultaneously used.

Product Keys from Microsoft

All operating system versions from Microsoft require entering unique product keys during installation. Usually, product keys from the company are located on a product key sticker. In most Windows versions and other Microsoft software, the keys are 25-characters in length and have both letters and numbers. Windows 10 product keys can be bought from Softwareguys.

Finding Product Keys

Because product keys are required when installing software or programs, discovering that you have lost your key could be a serious issue. You may not have to buy the software again but just look for the key you used when you installed the software.  Typically, the product key to be used when activating an operating system or software program is stored in an encrypted format in the Windows Registry in Windows. You can use special programs such as product key finders. But, these only work when you haven’t erased the program or operating system.

Things to Keep in Mind when Downloading Product Keys

You can find many online resources that claim they have product keys that can be used for different software programs or claim that they can generate a product key for you. Sometimes, these offers may work by having you replace an EXE or DLL file on our PC with one that was obtained from a legitimate copy of the software. After your copy is replaced by the file, the program might be a never-ending trial or may work fully when you give the given product key which goes with the pirated software. Thus, be careful where you get the product.

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