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Choosing the Best Two-Wheeler Insurance for Women: A Comprehensive Guide

Two-wheelers stand out as the most convenient mode of transportation, both for men and women, when it comes to navigating through the traffic-filled roads of India. Riding a two-wheeler, however, requires investment in bike insurance as it is mandated under the Motor Vehicle Act. For legal reasons, getting third-party bike insurance is essential to reduce the financial burden of unexpected road incidents.

The process of buying motorbike insurance can be confusing with all the details that might need consideration. Hence, here is a comprehensive guide to help buy bike insurance for women.

Types of 2-Wheeler Insurance Policy

Investing in insurance policies from reliable insurance providers like Tata AIG is essential to ensuring one’s safety on the road. Bike insurance policy in the market has three main types:

  •  Third-party Liability Plans

Enforced under the Motor Vehicle Act, having a third-party bike insurance policy is a legal requirement for all vehicle owners. These plans focus on providing financial coverage to third-party vehicles or individuals that incur damage from the policyholder’s vehicle.

It does not, however, cover damages incurred by the policyholder’s vehicle or any theft concerns. Understanding the limitations of a third-party insurance policy is essential, as such limitations may clash with the decision-maker’s priorities.

  •  Stand-Alone Insurance

A stand-alone bike insurance policy is a valuable shield that, unlike the third-party plan, protects the policyholder’s vehicle. While it does not extend financial coverage to third-party liability, it safeguards the policyholder’s vehicle against damages from road accidents, natural disasters as well as fire incidents.

The critical advantage of stand-alone bike insurance for women is that its focused coverage also safeguards against bike theft, which is a prevalent concern of bike owners. As it complements the third-party insurance, it is a great option to consider investing in for more comprehensive insurance coverage.

  •  Comprehensive Plans

Comprehensive insurance plans are easily the wisest choice when choosing to buy motorbike insurance. A perfect mix of both third-party and stand-alone plans, this insurance covers third-party liabilities, damages from natural disasters, and losses from theft. It also covers damages incurred to the policyholder’s vehicle in the event of a road accident.

However, there are specific scenarios that this bike insurance policy does not cover. Any damages resulting from driving under the influence of alcohol and instances outside the pre-defined geographical area are notable exceptions.

Making Informed Decisions

Before choosing any bike insurance policy or buying bike insurance online, it is imperative to understand the requirements of your vehicle. Factors like the Insured Declared Value (IDV) and the Cubic Capacity of a two-wheeler play a vital role in shaping the ideal coverage for your vehicle. Here are a few things to consider before women buy motorbike insurance:

Personalised Protection

When it comes to insurance, there is no one plan that will be the perfect fit for all. Factors like the age of the vehicle or the conditions in which it is being driven play an essential role in understanding what one might require financial coverage from.

However, if a chosen bike insurance does not cover specific requirements, one should consider Add-ons. Add-ons are a great way to strengthen one’s insurance shield, mainly when it covers aspects like financial coverage for roadside assistance or zero depreciation.

Convenient Services

When deciding on an insurance provider, it is recommended to choose one with digitised services. This is not only convenient for a policyholder but also has added financial benefits. Digitised services reduce the overall cost of insurance plans. Moreover, since the entire operation is online, it Is efficient and time-saving. For instance, when one buys bike insurance online, the policy document is swiftly dispatched to the email. Online portals also have offers and discounts for their services.

Moreover, one can also compare prices, coverage as well as limitations so buyers can choose bike insurance that fits their personal needs.

Furthermore, with digitised services, policyholders can claim, include add-ons or even buy new insurance plans at their convenience, irrespective of the time or place.


As a woman, choose the safest way to navigate the roads by choosing the safest bike insurance for you. Prioritise safety not just on the road but also against theft. Enquire about an anti-theft device that is certified by the Automotive Research Association to avoid any theft-related losses. Such preventive measures ensure comprehensive protection for you and your vehicle.

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