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Breaking Barriers: Key Takeaways from the All Rise Conference RISE23 – Judge Charles Burns

The All Rise Conference, RISE23, has once again proven to be a seminal event in the legal and justice reform landscape. This year’s conference was particularly significant for its focus on advancing responses to individuals with substance use and mental health disorders, showcasing a deep commitment to compassion, rehabilitation, and second chances.

A highlight of RISE23 was the induction of Judge Charles Burns of the Cook County Judicial Circuit Court into the Stanley Goldstein Treatment Court Hall of Fame. Judge Burns has been a pivotal figure in the treatment court community, leading innovative programs in Cook County, Illinois, since 2010. His work in the Rehabilitative Alternative Probation and Woman’s Rehabilitative Alternative Probation treatment courts has been nationally recognized, with these programs being named as mentor courts by the Bureau of Justice Assistance. Judge Burns’ approach emphasizes equity and inclusion, trauma-informed care, and support for recovery, including employment assistance and criminal record relief.

Conference Sessions and Insights

The conference featured a variety of sessions and discussions. One notable session included talks by Terrence Walton, COO of All Rise, and Doug Marlowe, Senior Scientific Consultant for All Rise, who discussed emerging research and the importance of proper implementation of justice interventions. Another session highlighted the story of Jessica Miraglia, now an assistant district attorney, who shared her journey from treatment court to law school graduation, emphasizing the impact of second chances and compassionate justice.

The second general session introduced the Center for Advancing Justice, with All Rise Chief Development Officer Aaron Arnold and Director Dr. Jacqueline van Wormer discussing the need to extend recovery support across the justice system. The session also featured discussions on community engagement and reentry strategies, showcasing successful models from various organizations and individuals.

Advancing Justice and Rehabilitation

As RISE23 drew to a close, the conference left a lasting impression on its attendees. The diverse range of topics, from Judge Charles Burns’ notable induction to the exploration of innovative justice interventions, underscored the conference’s pivotal role in shaping the future of the legal and justice systems. The discussions and insights provided by the speakers and panelists not only enriched the attendees’ understanding of the complex issues at hand but also empowered them to take actionable steps towards fostering change in their own communities. The All Rise Conference, through RISE23, has clearly established itself as a crucial platform for driving forward the conversation on justice reform and rehabilitation, marking a significant milestone in the pursuit of a more equitable and compassionate legal system.


RISE23, through its diverse range of sessions and speakers, has underscored the importance of evolving and adapting justice system responses to meet the challenges of today’s society. The induction of Judge Charles Burns into the Hall of Fame, along with the insights shared by various experts, has highlighted the conference’s role as a beacon of hope and change in the realm of justice reform.