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Understanding Smoke Damage & Repair

Smoke damage is something that can happen to you in an instant. Whether it’s a home or business, fire is something that we’re always risking in spaces where electricity is involved. So when the worst does happen, it’s best to understand what to do and what smoke dangers entail and call the best smoke cleaning agency you can find. 

What is Smoke Damage

Any damage left after a fire is known as fire damage, but the damage caused by the smoke itself is known as smoke damage, and it is known in its category as it poses unique risks to your possessions, walls and even your health. 

For example, here is what can happen to your home if smoke damage is left untreated. 

  •     In just a few hours things like walls, kitchen appliance finishes and benchtops can become discolored. 
  •     Smoke can tarnish metal and cause scratches in glass.
  •     The smell of smoke will last in an area for a long time after a fire. 
  •     Smoke when inhaled can cause lung issues and other such health issues. 
  •     Electronics can stop working when smoke enters vents. 

Types of Smoke Damage 

Not all smoke damage is created equal, so here are the common classifications to consider. 

Complex Fire Smoke Damage

This is when you see greasy yellow residue and smell synthetic smoke odors caused by multiple natural and synthetic items being burnt together. This requires emergency corrosion mitigation to protect at-risk items and surfaces. 

Dry Smoke Damage

This is caused by fast burning and high-temperature fires that are fueled by paper or wood, including natural wood fires outdoors. This smoke can enter cracks and porous materials and penetrate structures from the outside. The powdery texture of this ash means it’s easier to clean, and this includes the odor as well. 

Fuel/Oil Smoke Damage

Also known as petroleum residue, this is less common but happens when oil-related mechanisms such as tanks and furnaces fail. This residue is sticky, dense and hard to clean. The odor is also strong and it can ruin upholstery if not cleaned well. 

Protein Smoke Damage

Protein smoke happens when organic matter evaporates in low-heat fires. This happens when the cooking goes wrong, and you can smell a strong burnt cooking odor for a long time, and this smoke can discolour finished surfaces.

Wet Smoke Damage

Wet smoke damage is something that originates from smouldering low-heat fires. This happens for example when plastic or rubber burn, and this leaves behind a strong odor and dense residue that is hard to clean without the right equipment. 

Why is Smoke Restoration So Vital? 

The overall goal of smoke restoration is to remove any sign of fire in the first place, So the restorers try to return your home to its original state. 

But beyond this, there are some incredible benefits to calling in the experts. 

Smoke Related Health Risks

Chemicals left behind after a fire can cause health risks to inhabitants if you don’t properly restore the space after a fire. By breathing in smoke, you can get respiratory complications and this is on top of eye irritation, and skin irritation, which usually includes rashes, dryness or itching.

Building Materials Can Be Dangerous

During a fire, your building’s materials can release toxic chemicals, and these can then contaminate surrounding materials, Where these materials are damaged, they should be thoroughly cleaned to prevent further damage. This includes things such as insulation, curtains, anything containing asbestos and carpets to name a select few examples. 

Toxic Chemicals After a Fire

After a fire discolouration and odor are two signs that toxic chemicals have been released from a fire. These chemicals are often something that comes from synthetic materials but can also happen when fuels burn. They should be cleaned carefully as they can cause injury to the skin and eyes if you’re exposed to them, and often whatever has been affected by these chemicals will need to be repaired or replaced entirely. 

Who Do You Call?

After a fire, if it’s covered by insurance you can sit back and let the experts do their job. But in the case that you aren’t covered by insurance you should call Flood Pro’s USA. With 24/7 support and availability in many states, you can’t beat them for emergency restoration. 

Flood Pro’s USA offers extensive fire, smoke and water damage restoration, so check them out for more information as to how they can help you in your time of need. 

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