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A Day in the Life of a yachtie in Cannes

Renting a RIB in Cannes offers an exciting way to explore the beautiful coastline of the French Riviera. If you’re planning a RIB rental in Cannes, here’s a sample itinerary for a day-long adventure:

9:00 am – Meet at the rental company – Start your day by meeting with the rental company to finalize your rental agreement, discuss your itinerary, and receive any necessary safety instructions.

10:00 am – Depart from Cannes Old Port – Set off from the historic Cannes Old Port and head towards the Lerins Islands.

10:30 am – Explore the Lerins Islands – Anchor your RIB near the Lerins Islands and explore the islands’ beautiful beaches, hiking trails, and historic monasteries. Be sure to visit the underwater reserve for some snorkeling or diving.

12:00 pm – Lunch at a local restaurant – Stop at a local restaurant on one of the islands for a delicious lunch of fresh seafood and local cuisine.

2:00 pm – Visit Cap d’Antibes – Set off towards Cap d’Antibes and explore the peninsula’s rocky coastline and secluded coves.

3:30 pm – Swim at Plage du Midi – Head to Plage du Midi, one of the most popular beaches in Cannes, and take a swim in the crystal clear waters.

4:30 pm – Sunset at Cap de la Croisette – Anchor your RIB near Cap de la Croisette and take in the stunning views of Cannes and the surrounding coastline as the sun sets.

6:00 pm – Return to Cannes Old Port – Return to Cannes Old Port, where you can explore the historic port and enjoy a drink at one of the many bars or restaurants.

Renting a RIB in Cannes allows you to explore the stunning coastline of the French Riviera at your own pace and on your own terms. With so many beautiful destinations to visit, it’s easy to customize your itinerary to suit your preferences and interests. Whether you’re interested in history, nature, or just soaking up the sun, there’s something for everyone on a RIB rental tour of Cannes.

Of course, this itinerary is just one example of what a day in the life of a RIB rental in Cannes might look like. You can customize your itinerary to fit your preferences and interests, and there are plenty of other destinations and activities to choose from. Whatever your plans, renting a RIB in Cannes is sure to be a thrilling and unforgettable experience.

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