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Cleaning Life Hack : Where Is The Dirt Hiding In Your House?

You can be the most zealous fighter for cleanliness and regularly carry out a cleaning audit in the remote corners of your apartment. But insidious dust and dirt will always find a place to sit down and become a treacherous breeding ground for microbes and bacteria. We bet you don’t wipe baseboards, door frames, or the top of the door leaf every time you clean. And if the white glove of the auditor “walks” through these places, it will surely leave a dark stripe of dust.

Professional cleaners are much more familiar with all the hard-to-reach, but seriously and for a long time chosen by dust and dirt, places than you are. And not because you are a bad housewife / owner, just because of their activities, they encounter them much more often. We offer you to get acquainted with the most polluted places in the house, which the specialists of cleaning companies pay special attention to.

TOP 7 dirtiest places in the house

So, let’s talk about the problem areas of every home, which we often bypass when cleaning, but which are rarely bypassed by bacteria, germs and dust mites:

  • Fridge. The refrigerator has a responsible mission – it is responsible for the safety of food, but at the same time it is one of the main breeding grounds for bacteria. An audit in it should be carried out every three days, removing stale or spoiled products. Pay special attention to rubber bands, drawers with vegetables, egg trays – salmonella and fungus love to settle here, and by the time you find it, fungal fumes will already spread to other products. In the kitchen, in general, you should be on the alert, there are a huge number of places where microbes feel like a fish in water: a sink (a natural habitat for about 80 thousand bacteria), cutting boards, a trash can and the space around it. Deep cleaning services by HardRockCleaning.Com advises you to regularly carry out cleaning in the kitchen yourself or with the help of cleaners.
  • Door handles, switches, sockets. We do not always pay attention to them, although each wet cleaning should be accompanied by their disinfection, because they are more likely to come into contact with unwashed hands. During regular cleaning, professional cleaners pay special attention to the door handles leading to the toilet and bathroom – due to high humidity, they are even more prone to contamination than their interior “colleagues”.
  • Ventilation grates. There is everything here that contributes to the rapid growth of bacterial colonies: moisture, heat, shade, inaccessibility. Therefore, every time, even with a small draft, millions of dirty microorganisms rush into your house. So it’s better to start cleaning from above – from ventilation holes and chandeliers, from which dust generously falls on other surfaces.
  • Toilet and space behind the toilet. A priori, a closet cannot be clean: when you press the drain button, micro-splashes of water containing traces of urine and feces fall on the floor and walls of the toilet. To prevent this from happening, close the toilet lid before draining, wash the floor in this room at least once a week, and wash the rug thoroughly in hot water. And no matter how difficult it is, you need to get behind the knee part of the toilet and wash it correctly – completely removing the lid and disinfecting the entire seat.
  • Curtain in the bathroom. For some reason, many of us rarely get our hands on it, although due to the constant humidity, it becomes another home hotbed of fungus and toxic mold. Experienced cleaners recommend washing the bathroom curtain once every two weeks in disinfectant solutions.
  • Carpets and rugs. It is very comfortable to walk on them with bare feet, and it is also very comfortable for dust mites and microbes to live there. A vacuum cleaner is, of course, good, but it is powerless in front of the insidious carpet “residents”. Therefore, all home carpet products should be washed regularly in special cleaning solutions and preferably dry-cleaned annually. Wash toilet and bath rugs at least twice as often. Follow the link you can find professional carpet & rug cleaning service.
  • Computer power button, keyboard. It is unlikely that you wash your hands every time you sit down at the computer. Add here dust, skin particles, the remnants of food that we love to eat while sitting at the monitor. All this is hammered into the keyboard space between the buttons and then lives happily ever after. Therefore, make it a rule to wipe all household gadgets daily with alcohol wipes and periodically take your laptop to a service for cleaning.

And this list can be continued for quite a long time, we rarely properly disinfect the washing machine, do not always change kitchen sponges and filter nozzles in faucets on time. Therefore, without professional help and advice, it is difficult to understand the delicate sanitary issue. For example, cleaning some of the above places is included in the standard cleaning service – regular cleaning. Some cleaners get only in the process of deep cleaning.

Naturally, it is difficult to maintain not just visible cleanliness on your own, but to make your home really safe from a sanitary point of view. We do not promote hospital sterility, but it is imperative to prevent the appearance of dangerous microorganisms and dust mites – and a professional cleaning company in your city will be happy to help you with this!

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