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How to wash windows quickly and without streaks?

For many housewives, the question is how to wash windows quickly and without streaks. The cleaner the window glass, the more sunlight enters the house, the more pleasant it is to be in the room. To eliminate dirt and not leave ugly stains on the glass, you can use time-tested folk methods. How to wash windows without streaks and at the same time save time as much as possible?

How to wash frames and glass? Basic Steps

To wash windows without streaks at home, it is not necessary to use expensive household chemicals. The simplest products remove dirt well, if used correctly.

Window cleaning usually consists of the following steps:

  1. In a bucket or basin you need to collect warm water and add powder or soap.
  2. The solution is foamed, after which the glass is thoroughly washed with a soft cloth, removing dust, fingerprints, and in industrial areas it is also necessary to wipe off soot from smog.
  3. Next, you need to carefully wipe the window frame, handle, sashes, window sill.
  4. The window must be wiped again with another cloth moistened with clean warm water.

Good advice: to clean a plastic window without streaks, polish the glass with a regular newspaper rolled up into a ball. This old method still works flawlessly: you can remove the smallest stains, the glass will be perfectly transparent.

How to wash windows from the outside without special tools?

Washing windows is not difficult if all the frames are open inward. To do this, you will need water, detergent, a sponge and a rag. If you are using a cleaning spray, spray it on the glass and let it sit for 1 minute to dissolve the dirt. This makes them easier to clean. Here you can read more of the best tips for window washing

Wipe all the glass with a sponge, rinse all corners of the window well with clean water and wipe the glass dry with a napkin. If the window does not open inward, buy a special stretch mop. Without this, washing windows on high floors is dangerous.

Wipe vertically on the outside and horizontally on the inside to avoid streaks on the window.

Sliding windows should be removed. In this way, you can completely remove impurities without endangering your life.

Some helpful tips for window cleaning

Before washing plastic windows, you can take care of special equipment. Microfiber cloths absorb moisture better than simple cloths and do not leave small lint on the surface. You can use not soap, but a special window cleaner, it is applied in accordance with the instructions.

Since there is always not enough time, the question remains how to quickly wash the plastic windows in the apartment. To speed up the work, a rubber squeegee is used, equipped with a scraper and a handle. It will allow you to quickly wet the entire glass surface and remove dirt from it, this option is suitable for a large glazing area.

How to wash plastic windows with heavy pollution? After applying a soap solution or a special agent, it must be left for a few minutes – the dirt will get wet, and it will be much easier to remove it. For maximum transparency of glasses, a small amount of ammonia can be added to the water – as a result, even old greasy stains are removed. A weak solution of vinegar will remove fly stains, the glass will become clean and transparent again.

Keep these tips in mind when cleaning windows:

  • Do not clean the plastic frame with solutions containing aggressive substances or abrasive particles. Plastic scratches easily, dirt clogs cracks.
  • If your windows are high, follow the safety rules. don’t put yourself in danger. If you’re having trouble cleaning your windows, contact a professional window cleaner.
  • Always wash windows from the inside and then from the outside to see if there are any streaks or dirt left on the outside of the glass.
  • To get rid of streaks, add a few drops of lemon juice or vinegar to your window water.

Professional window cleaning is a useful service

Thanks to it, it will be possible to provide comfortable conditions for living inside an apartment or house, for working in an office, because much more sunlight passes through clean windows. This has a positive effect on the mood of people who are indoors. An additional advantage of clean windows is the health of the inhabitants of the house, because dust, and with it a variety of allergens, are removed.

Some of the benefits of hiring a professional include:

  • Use only effective and safe means in the course of work.
  • Strict observance of predetermined deadlines.
  • Long lasting effect.
  • The ability to save effort and time on independent work.

No need to think that window cleaning should be ignored. It is better not to do this if you want to live or work in a well-lit, attractive and modern room. An additional benefit is the improvement of the interior.

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