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Signs your septic tank needs emptying

Septic tanks play a huge part in dealing with your household wastewater in a way that is efficient and environmentally friendly. With this, comes the upkeep. Septic tanks need to be cleaned and maintained on a regular basis to avoid a large expense in the future.

How do you know if your septic tank needs emptying?

Your septic tank needs to be emptied out regularly so that there is no overflow or malfunction. If this happens, there can be both health and environmental risks, so it is better to avoid leaving the emptying too long.

Some of the ways you will be able to tell if your septic tank is:

  • Surface water around the drain field where the septic tank is – this suggests that the system is clogged and therefor forcing liquid to the surface
  • Your kitchen sinks, bathroom drains and toilets are slow draining, even after unblocking the suspected drain
  • Unpleasant or foul odours which do not pass around the area of the septic tank

There is no set time on how often a septic tank should be emptied as it completely depends on how many people live in the household and how often the septic tank is used. In general, emptying the tank once a year should be sufficient for most households, and it will reduce any risks of problems in the future.

Keeping up with septic tank rules and regulations

In 2015, new rules and regulations came into effect relating to the responsibilities of owning a septic tank. If your property uses a septic tank, you will want to know these rules so that you don’t get into any legal trouble.

Preventing potential problems with you septic tank

Prevention is the key to avoiding any problems. One of the most harmful things you can do when having a septic tank is flushing harmful substances or objects down the drain. You should never be flushing period products down the toilet or wipes, and regarding the sink you should avoid clogging with food waste, fats and oils. Another thing to take into consideration is the negative impact that strong cleaning products can have.

Who can help empty your septic tank?

If your septic tank is in need of emptying or cleaning, choose DASA. DASA are leading providers in the drainage industry. With specialist equipment and experienced engineers, DASA can quickly and effectively complete your drainage issues with minimum disruption.

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