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Evan Rubinson is a business

Evan Rubinson is a business mogul with a lot of experience with founding and running companies. As the founder of ERA Brands, he has brought the company through the pandemic and now has a successful post-pandemic management style. This came about when the pandemic forced so many people to start working from home. It was a difficult time for everyone, and he wasn’t sure how working from home would work. However, he was pleasantly surprised by many aspects of the arrangement. There were many positive benefits that came from it, and some of them he hadn’t expected.

Changes to Management Styles

When so many across every industry were working from home, Evan Rubinson suddenly had a lot of people who had to do the same. He has a preference for everyone to work from the office, and hadn’t wanted anyone working from home before the pandemic. However, he saw that there were a lot of positive aspects that came from the arrangement. He found that employees working from home were highly focused and put in more work, producing better results than they did from the office. That has made him change things so that employees can come to him when they need to work from home. Now that he knows it can be a good arrangement, he is working to be more flexible with employees.

Flexibility is the key to post-pandemic management, Evan Rubinson believes, and he has found it to work well for certain employees. When he considers a request from an employee to work from home, he now takes the time to put himself in the position of the employee and think about how it would benefit them. This flexibility has also had a lot of effects on the company’s culture.

Positive Company Culture

Flexibility has led to a great company culture that helps the employees to be more effective at their jobs. With the flexibility that Evan Rubinson now gives to employees, they feel more positively toward the company. They have become more loyal, and they contribute to a strong culture. They have more trust in management, and they have a stronger bond with management and other employees.



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