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Check Out These Great Texas Cities

The Lone Star state is massive, and because of that, it has a little bit of paradise for everyone.  Whether you’re moving here from a different state or you just want to pick a new city from within Texas, there are tons of options to choose from.

These are the best cities in this state, and why they’re so awesome.


Considered the best place to live in Texas by many, this artsy and fun city puts a twist on Texas that many don’t expect until moving here.  With a motto like ‘Keep Austin Weird,’ it shouldn’t be too surprising.

Home to 2.1 million people in its metropolitan area, with an average income of $55 thousand a year, this is a great place for young professionals and anyone who wants to explore working in a more creative space.

Even if you don’t currently create art or writing, you’ll feel inspired to do so after you move here! 


When you’re ready to try the best food and enjoy the top nightlife in the state, it’s time to go to Houston.  This massive city is the fourth largest in the country, home to over seven million people in its metropolitan area.  Although you can still go for the cowboy vibes here, this is the closest to a coastal city you can get in the state, just an hour from gorgeous Galveston.

The housing market hit Houston, yet it still stayed affordable for most people.  This is a dream come true for anyone who wants an affordable and fun city.

Dallas-Fort Worth

If you want affordable living, wait until you see how cheap houses for rent in Fort Worth are!   When you’re ready to climb the corporate ladder and make as much money as possible, it’s time to start planning a move to Dallas-Fort Worth.

The housing may be more expensive here, but this area pays more, offers more government-based jobs, and gets the best out of every season.  This is an awesome place for anyone who wants to get serious about their career. 


At home in central Texas, Killeen is a beautiful army town that’s not far from Fort Hood.  Although it’s close to Austin, it’s made a name for itself as a charming small town to fall in love with.  The metro area has just over 400,000 people that call it home, and housing is more affordable here than anywhere else on this list.

El Paso

If you want a city that feels like a mix of two worlds, it’s time to check out El Paso.  As a border town, it has a healthy dose of Mexican and American culture swirled together perfectly.  You can enjoy countless festivals and fun, or take it easy and go whitewater rafting and fishing in the Rio Grande.  This is a dream come true for anyone who wants to live the cliche Texan way.

The Lone Star State is Incredible to Live In! 

Texas does everything bigger and better, and its cities take that up a notch!  Consider moving to one of these awesome areas next time you’re ready to get up and go.

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