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Common Workplace Hazards For Factory Workers

Factories are among the most dangerous places to work at. According to the statistics, a factory worker gets injured every seven seconds. These alarming stats show that the government needs to impose stricter regulations on factory workers and employers. 

Because of the nature of the job, it can be helpful for factory workers to know of the potential dangers. Learning about the hazards associated with their place of work can prevent injuries. If you get injured, a workers’ comp lawyer in Cedar Rapids can help you initiate the claims process. 

Common workplace hazards for factory workers

  • Burns. 

Not uncommon in factories, fires and explosions can leave significant burn injuries to people who work close to the particular area. Chemical burns are also a big concern in factories. Wearing the right equipment and following safety regulations can prevent such injuries. The employer must also provide fire extinguishers at the workplace. 

  • Fatigue. 

Failing to take a break and working restlessly for hours can cause tiredness and fatigue. In order to work throughout the day, one must take short breaks in between. Factory workers in Cedar Rapids often work for long hours without a break, which results in fatigue. Prolonged fatigue can result in conditions far more severe than just tiredness. 

  • Repetitive stress injuries. 

Repetitive stress injuries occur when a person performs the same task repeatedly for several hours of the day. Such injuries can arise from sitting or standing in the same position throughout the day, using vibrating equipment, or overusing a specific muscle to carry out tasks, such as lifting. When you use the same muscles repeatedly, it can cause a strain and deteriorate your muscle tissues. 

  • Accidents related to machines. 

It is no secret that factory workers are required to operate machinery throughout the day. Heavy-duty vehicles and industrial equipment play a significant role in their day-to-day activities. When workers use these machines every day, they become accustomed to them. However, even the most trained workers can fall victim to machinery accidents. This usually happens due to faulty equipment, inadequate protective gear, and improper training. 

  • Trips and falls. 

Factories have many employees working at the same time, which makes them a high traffic place to work in. Slippery floors and high traffic can easily cause slips, trips, and falls. Improper footwear may also be to blame in certain cases. The employer’s duty is to provide a hazard-free workplace and protective gear (including footwear) to prevent falls. 

Workers’ compensation releases the employer from liability when you get injured at your workplace. If you believe you have a claim, contact an attorney today. 

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