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How You Can Select Your Property’s Fencing: Your Guide to the Different Types 

The fencing you choose for your property will be one of your most important decisions, especially if you would like to ensure your property’s utmost security and prevent the intrusion of unauthorised individuals. But whilst you may have different options at your fingertips, it’s not to say that they will always be the ideal fit. There may be some options that are more suitable to your needs and requirements, so you have to think carefully about your priorities when installing your property’s fencing. So how can you select your property’s fencing? According to the kind of property you have, here’s your guide to the different types.

Commercial property fencing

If you have a commercial property, you have different types of fences available for your needs, as follows:

  • Metal fencing

One of the most common is metal fencing, and it’s a security fencing solution that has proven immensely useful for many commercial properties today and in the past. As you may already know, metal is robust, and it’s difficult for anyone to tamper with this material. Metal fencing comes in various types, including chain-link fencing, mesh fencing, and steel palisade fencing. Another reason why metal fencing is a good choice because it can protect your premises against extreme weather conditions.

  • Timber or wooden fencing

Wooden fencing is an optimum choice if you want a taller barrier. Many commercial properties opt for this type of fencing because it can also look appealing whilst still offering practicality and functionality, as confirmed by RTC Fencing, one of the most reliable fencing contractors in Birmingham.

Industrial property fencing

If you have an industrial property, you also have several choices that include:

  • Timber or wooden fencing

Wooden fencing can also be feasible for your industrial property. However, you don’t have to make it as attractive as possible because it’s in an industrial location in the first place. But if you opt for wooden fencing, you can choose from other wood types, which can make your fencing more affordable.

  • Chain-link or mesh fencing

Many industrial properties have already used chain-link or mesh fencing, and chain-link fencing is lighter in weight. It is also good at sectioning different areas, and it can give you a level of privacy when needed. On the other hand, Mesh fencing will come with larger gaps in between the mesh, so if you’re looking for more privacy, chain-link fencing may be a more feasible option. But mesh fencing will also do an excellent job in terms of providing your property with more security, and it’s tough and hardy as well.

  • Palisade fencing

Another excellent option is palisade fencing, and it’s known for its durability and stability. Because it’s shaped differently, it’s difficult for intruders to climb over, and it can act as a truly reliable deterrent.

As stated, you have a few options in fencing for your industrial or commercial (or agricultural) property, but some choices offer more viability and are more popular than others. Another consideration is whether or not you can use it in combination with other security elements, such as barricades, electric or automatic gates, CCTV systems, and alarms. What’s important is to weigh your options against your requirements and choose the best one for your needs.

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