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Braces Removal: What You Need to Know

 After having the braces for many months, it is now time for you to remove them. Irrespective of how long you have been having those chunky bits of wires and brackets on your teeth, removing them will bring you happiness. Note that you cant remove the braces by yourself. Before choosing an orthodontist to do the work, make sure you know the cost of braces removal.

What is the Best Time for Brace Removal?

The moment you get your braces on, you will start asking when they will come off. The fact is the braces have been installed for an important reason, which is to help in straightening the teeth and offer you a stunning and good-looking smile. Therefore, the braces will stay on your mouth until the teeth are aligned well. That means the complexity of your situation will decide the duration of your dental treatment. Most oral treatments will last up to 24 months, with some lasting even longer while others get completed faster. The braces will come off when the orthodontist determines that your treatment is complete.

Additionally, the duration of the dental treatment will be shortened when making regular appointments to the orthodontist, wearing the accessory appliances, and taking great care of your gums and teeth during the treatment.

Process of Braces Removal

First, your orthodontist has told you that they will be getting rid of your braces during your next appointment. You felt the joy and excitement of finally showing the beautiful smile you’ve always wished for and the freedom to eat anything. However, what is the process of brace removal? It is vital to know what and how these brackets are removed. Additionally, you need to know the cost of braces removal.

The D-day is here, and you are waiting for your turn to see your orthodontist. Nevertheless, bear in mind that braces removal might be postponed. While your orthodontist might feel it’s time to remove the braces, your teeth might not be straightened as per their expectations.

The procedure of removing braces might take longer than the usual appointments. Hence, get ready for the same. Once the braces have been removed, there are some procedures that your dentist or orthodontist will conduct before you can display your well-aligned white teeth.

How the Braces are Removed

When the orthodontist starts removing the braces, he uses a special plier designed for this task. The pliers are placed on the bracket, one after the other, to detach them from the surface of your teeth. When you hear some chipping or cracking sounds, don’t worry since it’s the braces coming out. Together with the brackets, the wires and the elastic bands are carefully removed. This is a painless process, so you don’t have to fret. Once the metal braces and other bits of ceramic or metal are off the teeth, the dentist or orthodontist will remove any lingering dental glue on the teeth used to attach the braces. At the end of the process, the teeth will be straight and clean.

However, the process is not complete yet!

What Should You Do Next?

After completing the brace removal process, your doctor will measure your lower and upper teeth in their new position to create a mold. The mold is utilized to fabricate the appliance known as a retainer. Usually, a retainer is made of polyurethane or resin and fits snuggly around the lower and upper teeth. This is to tell them in the new position for a couple of years or even a lifetime.

Benefits of Wearing Retainers

Wearing a retainer on your teeth after removing braces may seem like cumbersome work for many people. However, retainers are essential after removing the braces. That is because once your teeth have been moved to their new positions, they tend to shoot back to their initial places. This disrupts the teeth alignment obtained using braces treatment.

Therefore, to stop relapse, doctors will use retainers to hold the teeth in their new position. The retainers come in two different types: removable and fixed. The removable retainers allow you to remove them when drinking or eating. Fixed retainers are metallic wires fixed on the tongue side of the lower and upper front teeth. You can’t remove them, though.

Can You Remove the Braces at Home?

Most people wonder if they can remove braces on their own at home. Like brace installment is a professional’s work, removing these devices requires the skills and tools. Therefore, do not try this at home.

The Cost of Braces Removal

The majority of patients think the braces treatment process is a costly affair. Therefore, the cost of braces removal is always a significant issue for them. However, the braces treatment expenses already include removing the braces and the post-treatment retainers. But it is essential to clarify the same with your dentist or orthodontist.

Post Removal Care of the Teeth

The braces are finally off, your teeth are clean, and you have a retainer on. However, that does not mean your appointments with the orthodontists are over. Even after the braces have been removed, you need to make sure you take good care of your gums and teeth by brushing and flossing at least twice every day. You will need to visit your orthodontist twice per year. Don’t forget to wear your retainers every time.

Final Word

Don’t try to remove the braces on your own. Get an experienced orthodontist with extensive training and special tools that guarantees a safe brace removal process. Consult your doctor in case of an emergency that necessitates you to remove the braces. If you can’t afford a doctor’s appointment to get them removed, talk to the orthodontist who installed the braces or search for a dental school that provides free or low-cost brace removal.

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