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Upcoming Google Pixel Fold, What to Expect?

Every year Google gears up to set alluring market trends by introducing its features and classic smartphones. Whether it be Google Pixel Series or the Fold series, it ensures to create a user-oriented smartphone equipped with the most recent technology and firmware. The previous models of google pixels phones were also entitled to a well-planned launch backed with distinct ideas integrated with technological design. The most awaited Google Pixel Fold, which might be the world’s first giant foldable phone, has been in the news lately. Google being the spearhead in technological innovation, dominates the electronics industry. Google Pixel Fold’s release date isn’t confirmed yet, but it is expected to be soon among the best-selling smartphones.

Possible Insights About Google Pixel Fold

Gigantic Display Size

It is rumoured that the Google Pixel Fold would be suppressing all smartphones with significant display size. Foldable phones are the imperative need of the time, as they are handy to carry, fold and place in pockets. It is expected that the upcoming Google Pixel Fold will have a 7.6-inch display size. Moreover, tech experts are waiting to know the exact dimension and displays of the upcoming feature phone. However, we all are eagerly waiting to get the precise specifications before the launch of Google Pixel Fold. The Google Pixel Fold will be equipped with LTPO technology, making its display up to 120Hz.

Updated Android Version

With the advancement in technology, devices need to stay updated with bug-free android versions and firmware. Google Pixel Fold is expected to be geared up with Android 12 version, which is most likely designed for Fold phones. However, Google is determined to produce a sensational operating firmware and an android version compatible with the Fold series. The Android 12L version is ideally for foldable and gigantic screens, which might be seen in the upcoming Google Pixel Fold. Android A12, with integrated features, produces displays over 600 density-independent pixels, enhancing the overall screen quality.

Enhanced Fold Design

Google Pixel Fold’s design is the most awaited feature for tech geeks around the globe. According to a few vetted sources, it is predicted that the screen would be hinged to support, making it 180 degrees dimensional. With this hinging support, the sizeable capacitive screen is expected to be around 7.6 inches. Moreover, few sources also claim that the foldable Google Pixel would be a three-phase smartphone folded into three phases. The primary purpose of the upcoming fold series is to enhance the qualitative display size by creating marginal folds. The news of Google ordering foldable OLED panels makes it more evident that the Google Pixel Fold would have a 7.6 inch OLED screen. According to a few inside sources, we have learned that Samsung is also assisting Google by providing its Ultra-thin glass layer to make Google Pixel Fold secure and durable.

Camera Orientation and Specs

Google Pixel Fold would have horizontally oriented cameras for broader landscapes and pictures. Over the years, pixel phones were compared to DSLR and other gadgets. This year, Google will be investing in updating Fold’s camera specifications and lenses. Improving a camera doesn’t mean adding lenses to the design; manufacturers are confident enough to introduce updated AI softwares for better picture resolution and captures. Google also successfully introduced powerful post-processing softwares in Google Pixel 5 and 4a that improved the overall picture quality. However, one aspect is clear: Google Pixel Fold would be a masterpiece, backed by high-quality cameras, software, and lenses.

Google Pixel Fold Specifications

When it comes to the processor Pixel Fold, Google has multiple processing systems it could use. The Galaxy Z Fold 2 is currently using the Snapdragon 865 Plus, which is an ultimate powerhouse in itself, best for HD streaming, gaming, and multi-tasking. However, the Google Pixel Fold might be equipped with a Snapdragon 888 system, the best operating processor for gigantic phones.

Google Pixel Fold Software Version

To create a better user interface, Google would be planning to update its recent Android 11 version. The updated software version would be ideally designed for multi-tasking and dual-phase windows. However, the overall orientation of the phone’s screen would be deciding the upcoming update, creating a viewing space between a viewing area and the control panel. Multi-tasking windows and floating taskbars might also be updated from the previous versions. From real-time calls to chat messages, every position might change, creating a better user interface.

What Will Be the Launch Price of Google Pixel Fold?

Google has always pressed on the value of introducing user-oriented phones and devices. Over the years, people have invested a significant amount in Google products as they get good value for money. This year’s Google Pixel Fold is priced around $1,799, which might seem expensive, but it has the latest integrated features that one could have only imagined two years back. If you plan to get on Google’s masterpiece, you must start saving or finding the best plans online. It is advisable to directly contact a flagship store before making an original purchase of the Google Pixel Fold. The launch price might also fluctuate depending upon market trends and Google’s final word. However, every aspect and specification of Google Pixel Fold might not be crystal clear or fully verified. Still, one thing is sure, that it will be the revolutionary giant in the smartphone industry.

Why Plan to Buy Google Pixel Fold?

The contemporary smartphone designs were to be replaced sooner or later. Now it’s the ideal time to make a switch to foldable smartphones, equipped with a powerful camera, anti-break designs, and speedy processor. Google Pixel Fold is better than Samsung Fold 2, Galaxy Z Flip 3 and Motorola Razr 5G. Moreover, while investing in technology, you must always go for the best with updated software and operating systems. It is imperative to make a wise decision before buying a smartphone; if you love streaming and playing HD games. As a Google Pixel user, one can always rely on the upcoming folding sensation, which is set to create new market trends and record the highest sales.

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