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6 Tips for a COVID-19 Pandemic Funeral

Going close to its second year, the death toll brought about the COVID-19 pandemic is at its massive scale. It has affected families, businesses, and life in general, globally. It has brought us closer to the idea of death. Morbid as it may sound, it is not a far-fetched idea to make preparations for the inevitable.

Funeral directors from can professionally handle all planning and coordination movements for the bereaved family. In these unfortunate times, we must have a partner to collaborate with to ease the sadness and grief for the occasion. Here are six helpful tips for organising a funeral in the middle of a pandemic.

Quarantine climate

Assess the current quarantine guidelines in your area. The situation is very dynamic; regulations may ease up depending on the period and location. Be wary of these guidelines, and make sure to follow funeral safety protocols. Nowadays, families are recording and broadcasting the service on their social media accounts. This is for the benefit of families abroad, those joining remotely, and those who would want to watch it later on.

Social distancing

Observe physical distancing at all times. It can be a challenge, especially when expressing grief, intimacy and empathy. It is best to pour emotions and condolences through writing. In this way, you can extend unity in sadness while veering away from touching and hugging.

Extra safety precautions

For added safety, you may want to offer COVID-19 tests to guests and visitors. In this way, they are assured that the service would not be a ground for transmission and infection. In addition, post and share the guidelines on proper handwashing, sanitation, and wearing of the mask during the funeral service.

The last time

Make the service a remarkable one by doing things that the friends and family of the deceased won’t be able to do. Case in point, seeing the body and praying for it or taking photographs and videos with the coffin. Treat the service as a tribute. It is, after all, one of the last moments with the deceased.

Remote mourners

Engage with people that are online, mourning remotely. Infuse them into the program by acknowledging them and giving them some time to remember the deceased by sharing memories. Seek help from chapels and crematoriums and maximise their amenities. They can help you with broadcasting the service from all angles of the venue. In this way, remote mourners can get a sense of being physically in the service.

Plan a life celebration

Once the restrictions are lifted, plan a service in honour of the deceased. Even if it seems a long time away from now, invite other friends, colleagues and distant relatives. Share a video of the deceased and allow people to share eulogies. In this way, a larger group of people can take part in the celebration of life.

The global pandemic has changed many things in our lives, including how we conduct a memorial tribute. It may add to the devastation that there are restrictions in conducting a funeral service, but it should not hinder honouring the life of a loved one comfortably and safely.  Seek help and align with a funeral director. In a health crisis and emotional turmoil, they can be your ally in executing a service that you want but at the same time safe for the attendees and the staff.


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