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Refine Packaging Expands Custom Boxes Blog Initiative To Become The Go-To Packaging Resource

The established packaging firm – known for creating custom printed packaging for multinational companies including Adidas, T-Mobile, Marriott Hotels, Pandora, among others – has built a name for itself with the online community through in-depth content published on the company blog over the past several years.

Now, the manufacturer plans to double the size of its freely available blog content in an effort to educate an even larger audience of small and mid-size businesses that are in the beginning stages of the often complicated custom packaging process.

“We’ve been fortunate to support 1,000s of retail and ecommerce brands with their unique packaging initiatives and are excited to help provide our unique perspective and insights into even more educational resources for an ever-growing global audience of entrepreneurs. We plan to craft the go-to resource for everyone interested in the custom packaging industry to turn to for in-depth information about how to create their own custom boxes and branded packaging for years to come.” – says Alex Jasin, co-founder and partner at Refine Packaging.

The announcement comes as Refine Packaging expands it’s online ordering platform to meet online demand. The online platform will allow customers to create and price their own custom boxes in real-time, by uploading their own images or logo. According to the company, the platform will make designing and ordering custom packaging more accessible to smaller businesses.

“Our digital revenue continues to grow at an increasing rate. We’re anticipating online channels to be our largest revenue source, aside from multi-year partnerships with larger businesses,” Jasin added.

Global firms such as Metlife already understand the value of building a brand, and how custom printed boxes fit into that equation. Now, focus continues to shift towards educating small and mid-tier companies about the benefits and low cost associated with custom packaging.

The company’s custom boxes blog is dedicated to teaching small businesses about the benefits and applications of custom packaging. With step-by-step custom box packaging resource guides, visitors will be able to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and resources about retail, ecommerce, sustainability, shipping strategies, branding, templates, design and more from a trusted industry leader.



Refine Packaging makes it simple for businesses to design and order custom boxes and affordable packaging online. As one of America’s leading wholesale packaging and custom box partners, Refine Packaging helps B2B customers get more quality from their custom packaging for less spend. Refine Packaging provides step-by-step guides to introduce retail beginners to packaging options on their custom packaging blog. With low minimums and quick turnaround, Refine Packaging is on a mission to beautify packaging everywhere. To learn more about Refine Packaging, chat with a live support specialist and ask for a free quote today at


Refine Packaging

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