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The Top Factors You Should Consider When Planning an Event in Oxfordshire After COVID

Most of us can now breathe a sigh of relief knowing that we’re almost done with the Coronavirus here in the UK, but we should still be realistic enough to understand that the pandemic is still affecting a lot of countries around the world – and it has already significantly changed our way of life. This includes how we plan and organise events and parties in the future. Even if the vaccine is already well on its way, it still pays to be mindful of restrictions and various guidelines concerning COVID, especially if you are planning a big event. If you want your post-COVID event to be a success, here are the top factors you should consider when planning an event after COVID.

  • Evolution and adaptation is key

The thing is, a lot of us are already thinking of when we can gather everyone we know and have some fun. If you have a business, you are probably busy trying to organise an in-person party for staff, clients, investors, and so on. But you also have to be capable of adapting in case plans change and you need to switch to a virtual event. The good news is that virtual events are easier to organise than in-person ones, and you can make use of tools such as Zoom, YouTube, or Facebook to communicate with your attendees. Even if you are not planning a webinar, you can still host your music festival or food event online. You can easily broadcast your event and attain a wider reach because your guests aren’t limited to just those in the UK – your attendees can be from all over the globe!

  • Don’t forget your plan B

Respected event and party planners in Oxfordshire such as Oasis Events will always encourage you to have a backup plan. Don’t forget plan B when organising your event, as it’s best to make room for contingencies in case something doesn’t go according to plan. You can start by carrying out a risk assessment, but it is also a sensible idea to have a backup plan online even if you are planning an event that will be attended by guests in person.

For example, just in case your event moves online, determine a format for this. You don’t want to be scrambling at the last minute, after all. For instance, will your online event be just the same as your offline event, but streamed live? Will you have to send something to your attendees, like food or snacks or various other supplies? You also need to choose the best platform for streaming and spend time getting to know the platform so you are at ease with it.

  • Familiarise yourself with existing protocols and guidelines

Last, but not least, you should familiarise yourself with existing protocols and guidelines. These are constantly changing, so you should be well-versed with the latest guidelines. Check out health and safety protocols as well as social distancing guidelines, contactless technology, and more. You can also find out about different ways you can address various restrictions, such as branded or decorative face masks, bubble pods, and the like. You should also invest time in making your attendees feel comfortable by telling them about your health and safety plans and processes both before and during the event. Good luck!

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