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Quirky and Elegant simulated diamond rings to wear while traveling

When you’re planning a holiday, you may want to consider removing the pricey ring from your finger and replacing it with a fake engagement ring. Bringing the real thing on vacation increases your chances of losing or damaging it, especially for active and daring adventurers. If you are going to the beach and do not want your diamonds to get lost in the ocean, simulated diamond rings are the best option to go for.

Here are some of the best simulated diamond rings to wear while traveling:

Cubic Zirconia Rings – This iconic ring has a silver-plated band with tiny cubic zirconia stones shining all along the sides of the bigger, square block. There’s also a zirconia engagement ring included. It’s up to you if you want to wear them individually or together. When paired together, the fake wedding ring sits perfectly between the engagement ring for a traditional sophisticated look.

Sterling Sliver Rings – There are many variants on the ring bands, including the infinity shape next to the stone, just like there are various cuts and sizes of stones. The round stone is framed by the signature infinity “braids” on the sterling silver ring band which has white gold plating. It is a great option to choose when traveling outside.

White Sapphire rings – White Sapphire is the colorless and most royal gemstone simulated ring which is not only attractive yet elegant but has its own benefits. It is the most preferred ring by people for everyday traveling purposes and never goes out of trend. Rings made of white sapphire are bedecked with gems cut in a variety of shapes and with minimal inclusions.

Moissanite rings – The sparkling moissanite rings come in a multitude of types and are admired for their untarnished intensity and illumination. These just give you the same diamond look like the real ones. These are the most common simulated rings and the best ones to buy as they can be paired with any other ring set too and everyone’s attention will first go to the simulated moissanite ring because of its illumination.

Princess-Cut Rings

The princess cut is the 2nd most frequent stone shape (after round cut diamonds), and the 0.6-carat zirconia is a good choice for a hand-carved, designer ring with a princess cut stone. The low-cost ring features a sterling silver band and arrives with a small jewelry bag for storage.

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