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Some Of The Areas With The Best Beach Hotels In Thailand

Many people consider Thailand to be a tropical paradise and as such, it is the perfect destination for a holiday in the sun. If you are considering travelling to Thailand and want some to know some the best places to stay for your trip, you are spoilt for choice. Below are some of the destinations tourists flock to that you may wish to consider for your holiday in Thailand that will leave you feeling like you are in paradise.


Pattaya is a popular destination for many tourists going to Thailand as it is easy to get to from Bangkok, making it easily accessible. You can get a taxi from the airport and be in this holiday town within a few hours, and there are plenty of beach front hotels in Pattaya from which you can choose. There is also plenty to see and do here, and it can be an excellent destination for both couples and families.


Phuket is another tropical destination which sees lots of tourists each year, and it is the largest island in Thailand. There are many luxurious 5-star resorts and hotels available in Phuket, and there is more to do here to keep you occupied than Pattaya. If you travel by land to Phuket it will take quite some time, but you are only a one-hour flight away from Bangkok, and many airlines fly to Phuket directly from abroad.


Krabi is another excellent destination for your tropical holiday, and it less than a two-hour flight away from Bangkok. There are many beautiful beach resorts and hotels available in Krabi, and you can also choose to stay on one of the beautiful islands, such as Phi Phi Don. Whether you are looking for a quiet relaxing holiday, you want some adventure and plenty of activities, or a mixture of both, Krabi has it all.

Koh Samui

On the Gulf of Thailand’s side of the country, another famous destination is Koh Samui, which has one of the world’s best airports. The island boasts a wide variety of different accommodation options, with many beachfront resorts and hotels you can opt to stay in for your holiday. There is plenty to do when you are in Koh Samui to keep you busy, or you can relax on the beach and enjoy a massage while you sip on a fresh fruit smoothie and top up your tan.

These are some of the most popular destinations with beautiful beaches in Thailand, but there are plenty more besides these. There are so many different places to stay with beautiful beaches, and you may have to come back to Thailand every year for quite a while so that you can experience them all.

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