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4 Lifestyle Changes That Are Easy to Make

When the world is tumultuous, trying to find ways of taking care of yourself seems daunting. Your lifestyle is dictated by your comfort level and preferences, but it’s also influenced by what’s going on around you. To master this delicate balance, it’s best to institute certain lifestyle changes that’ll help you put your health at the forefront of everything you do. When your physical health and your mental health are well maintained, you’re unstoppable. Commit to making these four easy changes and you’ll notice a significant difference in your quality of life regardless of outside influences. Choosing yourself, and your health, is the best thing you can do at the beginning of a brand new year.

1. Talk it out with a professional counselor.


If you’ve been struggling to maintain your mental health and happiness over the last few months, it’s time to make positive changes. One of the easiest ways to tackle this issue is to arrange a virtual meeting with a therapist to discuss how you’ve been feeling in a safe and protected environment. There are plenty of ways to find the best therapists for your specific needs, and many online counseling programs work with you directly to determine what you’re looking for and which therapist is right for you. Mental health issues are common, especially during times when the outside world feels oppressive. Finding a good therapist helps you feel more connected to yourself and gives you the proper tools you need to tackle anything that’s thrown your way.

Whichever form of psychotherapy feels comfortable to you (talk therapy, art therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, or any other type), the route you choose is entirely based upon what you’re comfortable with and what you hope to accomplish. Look through the credentials of each therapist in your area to see who is going to provide you with the proper level of care. With the right therapist, you’ll feel at ease when discussing difficult topics. The most important thing to remember is that a good therapist makes you feel safe and understood. Find a counselor who cares about your goals and helps you meet them on a continuous basis.

2. Declutter your life.


Another simple way to change your lifestyle and improve your state of mind is to declutter your surroundings. While you’re spending an increased amount of time at home, it’s good to situate yourself in a space that feels personal and uplifting. Go through each room of your home to determine what you want to keep and what can be packed away into storage for the time being or donated to a local charity. From clothes, to furniture, to books, and everything in between, decluttering your space makes you feel productive and it gives you more room to breathe. To house your belongings, find a storage unit within a commutable distance so you have the ability to go back and forth when you want to swap out your items. For instance, if you’re in the Orlando area, a quick search for “storage unit prices in Orlando” brings up an array of results, each of which can be sorted to see what price point and storage unit size works best for you. As long as you stick within your budget, you can choose any storage facility you like best. Certain Orlando storage facilities offer specific features, such as climate control or a month lease, so it’s a good idea to contact the facility directly to see what’s available.

3. Try a new hobby.


Scrolling through social media passes the time, but it isn’t always rewarding. Oftentimes people who engage with social media too frequently suffer from adverse mental health issues which is something to consider as you improve your lifestyle choices. If you’ve been experiencing negative side effects from increased social media use, such as a spike in your anxiety disorder or an enhanced feeling of isolation, it’s time to put your phone down and pick up a new hobby instead. A number of hobbies are doable from the comfort of your own home, such as yoga, barre, and pilates. All you need is a comfortable pair of yoga pants, a new mat, and the right attitude, and you’ll master your new pastime with ease.

To start a fitness class, you’ll need the right items on hand. Sneakers are negotiable if you’re trying this out at home, so you can use your own judgement to see what you like best. Finding the right leggings for women in your preferred size and color is essential as you’ll want to wear clothing that’s breathable as you work through these fitness moves. If you already have a pair of burgundy leggings in your arsenal that you love but no longer wear while you’re stuck at home, throw these on and start stretching. The whole premise behind this new routine is that you want to incorporate a hobby that makes you feel good about yourself and boosts your mood. When you feel confident in what you’re wearing, and what you’re doing, you’ll decrease anxiety and increase your positive body image at the same time.

4. Meditation can help.

Once your find your favorite pair of leggings, you’ve completed your counseling session for the week, and you’ve declutter your space, it’s time to turn your focus inward. Adopting meditation is an easy and effective way to bring about a positive change in your mental health and your overall self-care routine. Not only does meditation decrese anxiety, but it also increases your ability to think through situations with a new perspective and helps you build beneficial skills. When you have the right tools to address and manage your stress, you have the ability to handle any difficult situation you may find yourself facing. Whether you’re having a dispute with a coworker or a friend, you’ll be able to calm yourself and clear your mind before speaking on the issue further. Meditation is easy to practice at home and it’s something you can incorporate into your routine at whichever time works best for you. Most people like to meditate first thing in the morning, but if you want to decompress before you go to bed, meditate at night and establish your peace of mind.

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