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4 Online Casinos Myths Exposed

Betting has been around for many centuries now. It has moved from a brick and mortar environment to an online environment and now even to a mobile smartphone environment. Along with the betting, the myths surrounding betting and casinos have also been there. Most of the myths thrive because of superstitions and even conspiracies. While there is no doubt that the house or the casino site has the advantage over the players, there are some wild imaginations about such advantages that are either manufactured or have been built over years and perhaps over centuries. However, there is no doubt that these myths work on the back of the gamblers and it could therefore hamper his or performance in a live scenario. Many casino sites like trueblue777 casino and other casino owners would like to make the best possible profits. Hence, as a player, it would be a good idea to have reasonably clear id about four such myths.

Win Chances are More Time & Space Related

This is perhaps one of the most common myths as far as online casinos and brick and mortar casinos are concerned. Though this myth may not be totally and completely absurd, they do have their own share of untruths. Some gamblers are led to believe that the chances of winning better pay outs are more during specific times of the day. Some believe that the pay outs are better during morning when compared to holidays and weekends. The myths that come out of it include a few more. For example, many believe that progressive jackpots always happen during weekends when compared to weekdays. Slot payments are more during slow times when compared to busy period. Slot machines that are placed in heavy traffic areas pay out more when compared to quieter spots or even the other way around.

Myths Surrounding Cold and Hot Slots

There are many myths surrounding hot and cold slot as far as the machine cycles are concerned. Many gamblers believe that a specific slot machine is hot and therefore it offers higher pay outs, when compared to a few other slots that are considered cold with much lower pay outs. This is wrong and there is no justification or basis for such myths and belief systems.

Myths Surrounding Jackpots

Many gamblers believe that a slot machine that has just given a jackpot pay-out will not do the same thing any time soon. We have to bear in mind that jackpots and other wins in slots or even other games are unpredictable one hundred percent and therefore anything and everything is possible. There are others who believe that if a person has faced a barrage of losses, the person who comes next to him will be most certainly hitting the jackpot. This again is based on ignorance, superstition or propagated by some mischief mongers.

The Casino is Always under Control

Many gamblers also believe that the casino is in a position to manipulate and regulate each and every game settings so that their interests are taken care of. Players who have lost continuously believe that it is happening because the games have been manipulated by the casino owners whether in an online or in a brick and mortar environment.

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