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Home loan spotlight: The Real Deal Home Loan

If you are on the hunt for a new home, it can be quite the process. You’ve brushed up your auction lingo; you spent countless nights searching for the best home loan rates, the best deals the best features. You have met with several brokers and lenders, and it seems like everyone is offering “the best home loan in Australia.”

With historically low-interest rates and a plethora of lenders offering feature-rich home loans, it might seem like home buyers heaven. With so much variety, it can also be hard to separate a good home loan from the best home loan. Today we are going to have a look at one of the best home loans out there; it’s called ‘the real deal,’ and it’s not just a clever name.

Get real.

With mistrust in the big four banks, more and more Australians are looking for better lenders and better deals. Newcastle Permanent Building Society is a local lender that has been helping Australians buy their dream home for over 100 years.

With so much experience in the world of banking, NPBS is the largest customer-owned bank in NSW. NPBS offers a multitude of financial services from everyday banking accounts to term deposits and business loans, but it’s their real deal home loan that stands out.

The perfect home loan.

With interest rates being so low, any lender can offer a cheap home loan at a variable rate. What sets apart a perfect home loan is the money-saving features and customer service. NPBS prides itself on being a customer-owned bank with you, the customer being the number one priority. This customer-first approach is refreshing in today’s current landscape of tinpot companies and soulless mega banks.

A perfect home loan also needs features, and the real deal home loan has them in spades. The real deal offers an insanely low rate of %3.1 per annum with the facility to make extra repayments. Making extra/early repayments is a huge feature for those who can make the extra repayments; depending on the extra amount repaid, you could trim tens of thousands of dollars and years of your home loan.

Being able to repay your mortgage quicker is a very useful feature, but sometimes in life, you need extra cash fast. The real deal features a withdrawal facility, enabling you to access your loan in case of an emergency or you just want a holiday. With repayments at such a low rate, a redraw facility could save your hide in case of unexpected repairs or expenses and saves a trip to your lender and opening up a new line of credit.


For keen savers, an offset account can help you pay off your loan quicker. An offset account is a savings account that is used to offset the amount of money owing on your loan. For example, a $100000 loan offset by an account of $20000 saves you paying interest on $20000. This is a huge feature to help you minimize payments and get out of debt quicker.

The real deal home loan features a partial offset account of up to $50000, a perfect tool for the savvy home buyer who wants to keep their repayments down. An offset account is very useful in emergencies, as the funds can be withdrawn with no penalty.

It’s easy to find a cheap home loan, but cheap is not always best. For those looking for a feature-rich home loan, from a reputable lender with a strong focus on community involvement, the real deal home loan by Newcastle permanent building society is hard to beat.

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