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Doing A Background Check: Factors That Can Cause Delays

No matter whether you are renting out a property, or hiring someone for your business, you need to be sure that a person is what they claim to be. That’s the basic aspect of a background check. A background check can be done by employers, landlords, banks, lenders, and other parties, and there are companies like Microbilt that have a ready suite of tools, which can be used for the process. Sometimes, these checks and screenings can take more time than required. In this post, we are sharing more about the factors that can cause delays.

Incomplete forms or lack of authorization

This is often the first reason why a background check may take more time than expected. In compliance to federal law, a company is required to take written consent from the person to do a background check, and if the forms are not completed and consented as needed, this may cause a delay. In many cases, the person may not offer information in full, which may require re-submitting the form.

The need for manual check

While background screening tools make it super easy to follow the due process, some of the information may still need a manual check of records. This is particularly true for counties, where work is done on paper. The request for a screening must be submitted to the concerned office, and the clerks or office admin people will do the check manually. Because of this, a basic background check can take many weeks.

Issues with names

Many people do have aliases and name variations, and that can cause delay in pulling out and verifying the information. This often happens because the records are mixed up, or often get duplicated, so information must be doubled checked and verified.

Overseas verification

If a concerned person has been overseas for many months or years, especially in recent years, a comprehensive international background check must be done. For this, the concerned company must be contacted, and it can take days, depending on the response. In some nations, the privacy laws are rather strict, or their overall system may be slow. One can expect to complete the check in a few weeks in most cases.

Eventually, a background check involves verifying information from a source. If the source can be accessed or responds quickly, the time needed for the process can be minimized. Check online for background check tools now!

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