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Couches for you at home

If I was faced with the proposition of spending the night on a sofa bed ten years ago, chances are I would be scouring the phonebook for a cheap motel nearby. A decade ago, sleeping in my car would be preferable to suffering through a sofa bed sleeping session. Yep, sofa beds had an awful reputation for putting kinks in people’s backs and being awkward to sit on too.

Oh, how the times have changed. Sofa beds are now just as comfortable to sit on as they are to sleep on, how do I know this? Well, my friends, it’s a long and mostly boring story, but I’ll cut straight to the chase (or is it chaise?). Recently I was inspired by a visit to the local homemakers center, in a furniture shop, I saw something I have never seen before.

Are you single?

Shining like a jewel, it separated itself from the sea of brown leather and muted sand shades. An armchair? No, the tag read:

“Newport 1.5-Seater Armchair Sofabed.”

Huh? Wasn’t this just a recliner that went all the way back? Having reflected on that, if it was, wouldn’t that be brilliant? After trying it out, I was shocked. Shocked yes, not entirely sold just yet. This little blue lounge felt more comfortable than my bed at home. What was this witchcraft? What else could the world of sofa beds offer me?

Expected house guests.

On the same weekend as that fateful trip to the center, I had family stay with me. They roughed it on the couch and floor, and by morning I could feel the sleep deprivation through their polite grimaces. As we strolled the isles of lounges, I keep thinking about my poor sleepless family. A sofa bed could replace my lounge, my big beautiful leather lounge… hmm maybe not.

I am a big fan of plush leather couches; there is something so warm and inviting about a luxury leather couch. When I saw a couch that looked almost like my couch, I couldn’t believe it was a sofa bed. The “Arden” leather sofa bed is a pretty tempting piece of furniture for the leather lover, such as my self.

When you find the one.

Ah, what a silly joke it was to think the loungeroom would surrender its big comfy leather lounge for some sofa bed imposter. No, a bed in the lounge room was never meant to be. But a stealth sofa bed in the study? The Mia-3 seater caught my eye and stole a place in my spare room.  With a subdued grey fabric and cushions like clouds, this handy sofa bed is at home in my home office with none the wiser about its hidden talent.

My family hasn’t visited since, but when (if) they do, they might want to hang around a little longer. Of course, it was eating me up, what was the Avellino like to sleep on? I thoroughly tested it in the store and found it super comfortable, but a night at home is different; of course, I would need to test it out at home for research purposes.

What a disappointment. An utter waste of time and money. I can’t believe the amount of money I spent on my mattress and bed frame combo when this sofa bed is better to sleep on. A resounding success, then, I guess.

A lot has changed in the world of multipurpose furniture. Sofa beds should no longer be feared by guests staying over. If a friend or family member offers me a spot on the sofa bed, I am going to be hopeful. Hopeful it’s as comfortable as my sofa bed.

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