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Simplifying Compliance Automation: The Future Is Here!

The increasing number of cybercrimes and security breaches have forced agencies to take serious steps with regards to cybersecurity. Businesses in the US are constantly grappling with compliance needs, and the money that’s being spent on audits is huge, even for small and growing companies. Even a small noncompliance incident can have a ripple effect on the business, and with loss of consumer trust, it can take months in recovery, which may upset shareholders and stakeholders. To handle US cyber security compliance matters, businesses are now relying on compliance automation platforms. Here’s a look at the benefits.

AI, cloud and compliance

Firstly, let’s understand that compliance automation is more than just about enhancing efficiency. It has more to do with controls, configuration, and more importantly, automation. Using prebuilt architecture that can be easily replicated, compliance automation platforms rely on the cloud for speed and deployment. This can drastically reduce the deployment times and ensure save money and time. It also aids in mitigating the risks, which are otherwise always a concern, even when a company has deployed cyber security services. From HIPPA to FedRAMP, all compliance needs can be met easily with compliance automation, and there are lesser risks of manual errors. Advanced tech and a ready environment accelerate the process of compliance anyway.

Benefits for auditing and reporting

There is no denying that compliance automation will help in reporting and auditing. Companies can get the data they need without working with the IT team around the clock, and there will be minimal or no risks of erroneous reporting. The biggest and probably the simplest advantage of compliance automation is reducing potential mistakes, which can lead to fines and penalties. In fact, when your IT teams work on other things rather than keeping up with regulations, you can expect the work flows to get better.

The future ahead

While compliance automation may not be a norm for businesses at the moment, it would become a big asset for any organization that’s willing to reduce dependency on manpower to keep up with regulations. The choice of CA platform, of course, will matter, and the stacks they offer have to be considered to decide if a product is suitable for your enterprise. Many companies are taking revolutionary and advanced steps to make compliance automation easy, and while GRC tools help in knowing what must be done, there is no aid in automation, which is where CA platforms will score.

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