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The Dropshipper’s Guide to Selecting Suppliers 

Choosing the correct supplier and an efficient dropshipping platform are essential for your dropshipping business. People are tired of old-school dropshipping platforms and are looking for the finest Oberlo alternatives. However tricky this process may be, to dominate large factions of the market, you need to get these two decisions right. The qualities you should look for in suppliers are convenience, honesty, and experience. Here’s how you can detect these qualities.

Assessing a Supplier

Some of the practical and logistical details that need to be considered while selecting suppliers include – the supplier’s location, speed of shipping orders, technological prowess, and clear policies regarding returns or out of stock items. The supplier must employ knowledgeable representatives to manage your accounts. An easy order submission and tracking process also helps. Details regarding their fee structure should be crystal clear, and it always helps when they accept multiple payment options.

Separating Legitimate Suppliers from the Illegitimate

The first sign of legitimacy and competence is an experienced support staff that answers important questions about orders, products, and other aspects of the dropshipping process. Teaming up with an efficiently-run company is your only way of building a reputable brand as a dropshipper. So, invest in e-commerce sites that invest in modern technology. Some technological features that make suppliers stand out are – detailed online catalogs (that can be filtered) and a real-time inventory. However, finding real-time inventories can be difficult if your supplier isn’t located inside your country. Plus, offshore suppliers charge more for shipping.

Ethical and Customer-Friendly Performance

Dropshipping is such a low-effort profession thanks to easy to use websites such as the GoTen dropshipping platform, that there’s no excuse not to research your suppliers. Check out how they perform in terms of customer feedback on their websites or social media profiles, ongoing fees (if they’re too high, it’s not good for your profit margins), and pre-order fees. Pre-order fees fluctuate in accordance with the type/size of the order. Suppliers who charge exorbitant pre-order fees need to be avoided as such practices are unethical.

Why You Need to Avoid Bulk Quantity Products

Suppliers who offer cheap bulk products are not reliable. Impractical minimum size order policies can be risky for dropshippers. So, focus on suppliers who have lenient size order policies. Ideally, you should be charged upfront for the minimum size fee. Then, you can realize your order quantities over time as customers place more and more orders.

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