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5 Pet-Friendly Cities in America to Call Home

Moving to a new city is a huge step in your life. When you’re searching for your new home, there‘s a lot to consider. Cost of living, schools for your kids, the community aspect. In the midst of finding a happy place for you and your human family, you can’t forget your family members on four legs—how will your fur babies adjust to their new home?

Your pet is a huge part of your family, as you already know. While there are a lot of factors that go into finding a new city to call home, you’ll want to guarantee a pet-friendly environment for them as well. Is there a good vet nearby? Do you have parks and areas for your furry friend to play? Is your house an appropriate size for your feline friends? These are the questions to ask when you’re deciding on a pet-friendly city. As you begin your search, check out these five cities. You’ll find that your pet may be just as excited to move there as you are.

Charlotte, NC

Outdoor pets, such as dogs love being outside. They love to go on adventures through the woods and the mountains, and no place is better for that than North Carolina. You can even consider checking out log homes for sale in NC. These luxury log cabins are peaceful homes in the woods with a mountain view. Imagine hanging on the front porch of your log home with the Blue Ridge mountains in the background, your pet right by your side. It’s the ideal place to enjoy nature from your private deck. This may be a perfect fit for your family and your furry friend. Not to mention the trails and puppy-friendly breweries downtown Charlotte has to offer.


Portland, OR

Despite the rain, Portland can be a great city to explore with your furry friends. In fact, according to studies, they boast the most dog parks per capita in the country. People in this city literally meet up and form groups just for pet owners. A great city for you to find a new community through local furry friends. Portland also welcomes dogs into pubs and other restaurants. So it will feel like a new adventure every day for you and your pet.

Chicago, IL

Chicago, while the biggest city on this list, can also be a pleasant place for your pet. Your pets can enjoy a swim in Lake Michigan or just accompany you on walks throughout the city. If you’re a hip city person, you can even dress your dog up to match. With an easy-on, convenient dog harness from, you can have your pup ruling the city. Dog owners can easily compare harness fits and find a style for their specific breed of dog. Walking your puppy in a city like Chicago will give them all the exercise and entertainment they need. And local restaurants will also provide ice and water for your tired pup.

Austin, TX

Austin, Texas is another great location with lots of room for your animals to run wild. Also due to the warm climate, there are dog-friendly restaurants open year-round. And there are even specific food trucks for your animals. Not to mention the no-humans allowed swimming areas that are just for your dogs. The space and cost of living will also help you find great listings big enough for the whole family, furry friends included.

San Francisco, CA

San Francisco has been awarded the title of “Pet Friendliest City” on several occasions. Though the cost of living is higher in this area, it also boasts the lowest pet deposits in the country. The city is also incredibly walkable, so grab your pet harnesses for here as well! Not to mention the 174 pet-friendly restaurants you and your dogs can visit!

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